Bluff, blackmail and brinkwomanship: the โ€˜madman theoryโ€™ of no-deal Brexit
Bluff, blackmail and brinkwomanship: why a no-deal Brexit is still on the cards | Andrew Rawnsley
โ€œRedeploying civil servants with expertise in disaster management to no-deal emergency planning.โ€ So they do admit it will be a disaster.
"The overnight termination of almost every legal and trading agreement between Europe and Britain would cause disruption without precedent in peacetime."
'The EU has worked on the assumption that Britain is not so crazy as to crash out in a way that would hurt it,but us much more. So part of Number 10โ€™s calculation is that the EU needs to start worrying that it really is possible that this could transpire.'
"If all the sentient members of the cabinet think a no-deal Brexit will be a calamity, and as good as admit this in public, why is the government nevertheless acting as if it might allow that to come to pass?"
Bluff, blackmail and brinkwomanship: why a no-deal #Brexit is still on the cards via