SJW’s approach to racism seems logical. Antiracism becomes what faith is to Protestants, one smokes out heretics, w focus on thought rather than policy. But this ends up being about the id, impulse, hatred over reflection. Not what Douglass or King meant
"One can be fervently dedicated to improving the lot of black Americans without a purse-lipped, prosecutorial culture dedicated more to virtue signaling than to changing other people’s lives," argues
This is a frustrating read and, really, this whole discussion is so tired. I don't disagree agree with some aspects of the premise here. For the next "wave" of anti-racism to shift solely toward a battle against bigoted thoughts would be incomplete 1/
This—>What Is Third-Wave Antiracism? The Atlantic
Logical, enlivened by both erudition and experience, elegantly written - this is essay is the best thing written on this thorny subject. By a mile.
This from gets at why left identity politics undermines efforts at building out a more ideas-driven democratic socialism or left populism. Identity politics isn't about ideas; it's about grievance and has little programmatic content
The Virtue Signalers Won’t Change the World
The weird thing about this essay is it confidently asserts that the contemporary left sees the battle against racism in psychological terms while never quoting or engaging with anyone identified with the contemporary left.
This nails it: "the new religion, as a matter of faith, entails that one suspends disbelief at certain points out of respect to the larger narrative." very neatly outlines Social Justice's reliance upon a faith-based mythological core.
I always learn a lot from and his version of the anti-PC take is more persuasive than most that I've read. Still, at the end it exemplifies what bothers me about this discourse.
What Is Third-Wave Antiracism? - The Atlantic
“Explorations as to whether an opinion is ‘problematic’ are equivalent to explorations of that which may be blasphemous.” The magnificent ⁦⁩ on the odd religiosity of the modern speech police. Also a s/o for ⁦⁩ & my book
“Upon what basis do modern antiracists preach that a people embrace impotence?” John McWhorter in
"Social concern and activism must not cease, but proceed minus the religious aspect they have taken on." Very well-reasoned, provocative, and thought-provoking article by
3) Life is a battle between good people and evil people. “The idea that whites are permanently stained by their white privilege, gaining moral absolution only by eternally attesting to it, is the third wave’s version of original sin.” 2/
A fine essay by on the evolution of antiracism.
10. In fact, what much of this is is a signaling system, a way for White elites to distinguish themselves from the unwashed masses. (See and and )
"Where antiracist progressives once looked to bondage, disenfranchisement, and torture, today they classify as equally traumatic the remark, the implication, the unwelcome question."
If you're interested in smart, sympathetic criticism of the anti-racism movement, read . He's fearless and incisive.
Finally read this. It's good.
is someone to pay attention to. Great read.
"When someone attests to his white privilege with his hand up in the air, palm outward—which I have observed more than once—the resemblance to testifying in church need not surprise. " - John McWhorter on the religion that is 3rd wave antiracism
“The idea of a someday when America will ‘come to terms with race’ is as vaguely specified a guidepost as Judgment Day.”
Oh, thank heavens. has apparently listened to me and decided to honor my request.