a tad late but here are my speaking notes and slides for the 's 2018 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion panel on #feminism and #openscience
Another really relevant piece on openness in #openscience: "we must constantly interrogate whose interests openness is serving and whose is it neglecting and stay vigilant of the ways in which openness may amplify or bridge power asymmetries."
Today I woke up thinking again about this article: Reimagining #OpenScience through a feminist lens. I keep thinking about situating and contextualizing openness to make sure we don't forget that while some might benefit from an open system, others 1/n
Given what ’s keynote is discussing, I want to take this moment to give a shout out to and her fantastic work - #OpenScienceUN.
This is a really interesting take on openness. It treats the idea of "open" as not necessarily a good thing, and argues that we need to take a more complex/nuanced view of how "openness" affects different kinds of people.
"I think something we can share is to see our commitment to open science as one to think critically and push the boundaries to imagine a more equitable, empathetic and radical future."
“Inclusive infrastructure refer[s to] mechanisms that deliberately allow for multiple forms of participation amongst a diverse set of actors, and which purposefully acknowledge and seek to redress power relations within a given context”
In the same vein, the excellent piece of analysis by
Reimagining Open Science Through a Feminist Lens by
Interesting read. And scary. And frustrating. Many of the critique points do not apply to the open science community I joined in the late 90-ties. But we let Open Science be misused. We let "open science" turn from giving to demanding.
Reimagining Open Science Through a Feminist Lens