My good friend and creative co-conspirator has a new book out that demonstrates how evangelicals sold their principles for Cheeto Jesus. It's already enraging Trump and his minions. You should get it.
My mentions are gonna be lit after my book comes out. Preorder it now to join in on the fun.
Dog eared a lot of pages in ’s new book Immoral Majority. Really compelling and introspective look at evangelicals’ relationship with Trump and the GOP. Coming out this week...order here
Congrats to , whose new book The Immoral Majority is crushing it on Amazon on day 1
Talking now to about his new book “Immoral Majority” and showing how two friends can disagree while also remaining friends. #DanaRadio
Here’s the link to ’s book
Here's a link to 's book. I've read it and although the topic is not normally something I'd be interested in, I couldn't put it down.