No, it’s not “just Twitter.” It’s “just” the American political class putting its rage and intemperance on display, hoping to remake the world in its own irate image.
Perceptive article by ⁦⁩: the ability of small groups to drive politics is enhanced, not for the best, by ⁦Twitter⁩. “Real-world decisions are made in response to temper tantrums by a surprisingly small number of people.”
Old media windbags like upset that Twitter has made their chattering class commentary virtually irrelevant.
Excellent by : the nature of Twitter, as the gathering point of the Western elite (political, media, and otherwise) means its nonsense not only has real world effects, but disproportionately does so. Alas that the currency is so often hysteria
Insightful analysis as usual from .
And much more powerful, writes —> Why Twitter Is Even More Toxic Than You Think
Why the statement “It’s just Twitter” misses the point. This is the platform that influences the influencers. And when the people who care the most about politics grow more toxic, so does the political culture — some cheery thoughts to start the New Year
NRO: : “The disproportionate influence of microbursts of instant public comments from a curated set of people these influencers follow shapes their writing and thinking and conduct way beyond the platform.”
Twitter, says , “turns everything up to eleven, all day, every day,” with real world consequences.
"Twitter takes underlying trends and makes them more extreme. To borrow from Spinal Tap, it turns everything up to eleven, all day, every day."
1/ on the social-media news cycle: "They erupt, they’re hashed out in a day’s or a week’s worth of tweets and disposable news stories, and they pass from the scene before they penetrate the larger offline culture."
Why Twitter Is Even More Toxic Than You Think