AZ Gov Ducey introduces ’s at / event in defense of freedom of speech. Check out Soave’s book:
ICYMI: 's (Novak 17) new book, "PANIC ATTACK: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump," is now available for preorder. Congrats, Robby!
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In the fantastic new book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump, beautifully unpacks our current culture war. From across the spectrum the reviews are glowing; here’s one: Available:
It's my birthday today (8-8-88, isn't that cool?) and if you were considering getting me a gift, what you should do instead is order my book! Rave reviews from The Guardian, Washington Examiner, and others.
New book to put on your 2019 pre-order list: 's new book "Panic Attack," exploring the surge in student activism following the 2016 election. Check it out here —>
Anyway, read my review and then go out and buy Robby's book () (but read my review first)
To give just one example of why it's crazy to lump in with the alt-right, actual AR leader Richard Spencer told me identity politics are a *good thing* or at least an improvement over conservatism's love of markets and individual freedom
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My book—"PANIC ATTACK: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump"—will be released in 3 short months! Consider it my report from the front lines of campus activist culture wars, from PC run amok to intersectionality, free speech, and more. Pre-order here
It's something I talk about in great detail in my new book, PANIC ATTACK
That said, the disputes between disability activists and other socialists is an impressing example of intersectionality-produced infighting, which is something covered in my book. Order it today!
I interviewed Spencer for my book, and I think I gleaned new insights into white nationalism that would be useful to everyone interested in countering the alt-right's (thankfully small) influence
Oh, and I wrote a book!