2/ Rubin discusses the idiotic proposition of putting "all content on blockchain," stating that he has a gazillion blockchain meetings in the next few days. Watch them end up on steem (18m 55s mark).
Time to talk about leaving Patreon and where we go from here. Live now! Sign up for $25 monthly during the livestream at for a RR t-shirt! $50 monthly gets you a shirt and mug I’ll sign right now!
I’m live at 1 pm pacific discussing Patreon and the future. Then joining later tonight to continue the conversation.
In case you missed it, and I are leaving Patreon on January 15th. Here's my livestream from yesterday breaking down the decision
En route to chat with to talk about the Patreon situation. Hopefully I have a little juice left after two hours talking to the camera and signing mugs! (I’m on after for some reason!)