Every Republican who is even a bit conflicted about donning a red MAGA hat needs to read this essay by Niskanen’s ⁦⁩. Consider the road not taken and ponder the case for taking it.
What would moral and intellectual renewal on the right look like? Here's my proposal for one possible pathway: small-r republicanism.
"The spectacle of Trump and his enablers shouldn’t just be challenged from the outside, by Democrats and the left. It desperately needs to be resisted internally as well, in the name of a decent, responsible center-right."
Good argument by Niskanen's for why republicanism, not conservatism, should be the guiding ideology of the post-Trump (or post-post-Trump) GOP
This is interesting. I’ve been thinking of the same, a needed recovery of small-r republicanism. But I think of it as a a needed check on the excesses of liberalism, rather than as liberalism’s enabler.
From : "The project of intellectual and moral renewal on the right is best founded on the principles of republicanism. The challenge is to develop and articulate the principles and program of the republican wing of the Republican Party."