Portland State University has determined that committed a “human subjects” ethics violation for his involvement in the Grievance Studies probe. Further charges of falsifying data are currently under review.
We've known all along that Portland State University would eventually crack down on for his participation in our grievance studies probe, and now that process is well underway. They're setting a dangerous precedent with this.
Captured systems destroy whistle blowers to avoid exposure. If we wish to see an end to corruption, protecting whistle blowers is paramount.
Peter, inside Portland State University, was always the most vulnerable of the three of us. Now PSU is investigating him for his part in our grievance studies probe. 😟
PSU is coming after for the grievance studies hoax, claiming he violated research ethics. This is of course absurd, given that the hoax was an audit of research standards that *successfully* exposed lackluster and biased methodology.
This is truly insane. . Dr. , you have many powerful and influential supporters in academia. Truth is on your side. Dismantling intellectual terrorism requires that one go undercover. You did nothing wrong.
PSU Accuses Peter #Boghossian of Ethical Misconduct via YouTube
Oh. My. God. I am rolling on the floor. Almost every aspect of this video is just beyond absurd. From B's bathrobe to Lindsey's bedroom to the note at the end: "Trolling PSU will only hurt Boghossian's cause."Truly amazing, . #academicfraud