There is a NEW #TwoForTea podcast episode! I talked to the lovely about race, culture, heritage & 'blackness' & he read some extracts from his new book "Self-Portrait in Black & White".
'to just reproduce the wound as though the wound can never heal seems to me to be very much where we are now in the culture; we kind of fetishize the wound and worship the wound and don’t want to heal.'" Here's the podcast. Listen and please support: 4/4
In January before his book release was announced, Chatterton Williams chatted with on 's Two for Tea Podcast. Although I'd already read his first book, I've been following him since. Here's the podcast
This discussion between ⁦⁩ and was the perfect companion for this morning’s perfect porridge and perfect coffee. And now, it’s time to say g’bye to The Twitters - I shall see you on the morrow.
Thomas Chatterton Williams’ by Two for Tea Podcast on #SoundCloud? fascinating conversation btwn and on race & identity etc.
read an excerpt on my podcast at 56:18.