We found another case of Democratic social media trickery in the Alabama Senate race. It's a little like doping in sports. Will Congress will ponder possible solutions, or just wait and see who's most diabolical at electoral deception? With
When exposed for conducting a False Flag campaign online, veteran progressive activist Matt Osborne stated: “You have a moral imperative to do this — to do whatever it takes.” Say that again, but slowly.
Turns out there was another Democratic false flag operation targeting Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. And no one seems to know if that's the end of it. From NYT: 'Posing as Prohibitionists, 2nd Effort Used Online Fakery in Alabama Race.'
The fake Dry Alabama online campaign, the 2nd so-called false flag operation by Democrats in the fiercely contested Alabama race, underscores how dirty tricks on social media are creeping into American politics. ⁦⁩ ⁦
It's incredible how unapologetic these folks are about their flagrant efforts to undermine trust in their own country's democratic institutions
In a fake campaign, Democrats pretended to be Baptist teetotalers supporting alcohol prohibition and Republican candidate Roy Moore in the 2017 Alabama Senate race.
The Dry Alabama campaign appeared to be led by supporters of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate. But it was a stealth creation of progressive Democrats.
ANOTHER LIBERAL FALSE FLAG IN ALABAMA: Progressive Democrats started an online campaign that purported to call for a statewide alcohol ban & to support ROY MOORE, but really intended to turn moderate, business-oriented Republicans against him.
This is really bad (though by no means new, even if the medium is) and people really shouldn't do this.
Democrats Faked Online Push to Outlaw Alcohol in Alabama Race
"Another organizer of the project, according to two participants, was Evan Coren, a progressive activist who works for the National Archives unit that handles classified documents."
More guerrilla information war news. Another false flag effort. "In fact, the Dry Alabama campaign, not previously reported, was the stealth creation of progressive Democrats who were out to defeat Mr. Moore...."
. reports that Democrats faked an online push to outlaw alcohol in Alabama race
Yuck! These tactics need to outlawed. Bad for everyone- regardless of who uses them. Democrats Faked Online Push to Outlaw Alcohol in Alabama Race via
No, Alabama Democrats, no! We're supposed to be better, remember?
Posing as Prohibitionists, 2nd Effort Used Online Fakery in Alabama Race