Thoughtcrime and Punishment: A Year Of Shunning and Law Suits at a Canadian University |
If universities want to defend professors such as Rambukkana & Pimlott, and gender diversity bureaucrats such as Adria Joel, then we need people in the system who are willing to tell the public what’s going on in our classrooms, writes .
Lindsay Shepherd details the aftermath of what happened after her infamous audio recording at Wilfrid Laurier University went public.
New Lindsay Shepherd describes her excommunication at after she blew the whistle on Nathan Rambukkana and the diversity-enforcement officials who convened her star chamber
While much of the public rallied in support of Lindsay Shepherd, many of her peers and professors shunned her. in her own words
. writes about what happened to her after the infamous 2017 incident: "No one at Wilfrid Laurier University would give me a straight answer about anything. It was a climate of evasiveness and secrecy."
Gad Saad of Concordia University in Montreal, a Lebanese-born advocate of free speech and open inquiry, has always made a point of telling his audiences to...
Brilliant advice from ! Academics far too often choose secure and comfy materialism over principle. "Sticking to your personal convictions always will be more rewarding than censoring yourself to get a higher grade or a better job."