Pretty notable correction "Mr. Manafort wanted the data sent to two Ukrainian oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, not Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin."
NEW: Both PAUL MANAFORT & RICK GATES provided data (including private TRUMP polling) to KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK. He was asked to pass it along to OLEG DERIPASKA, who had close ties to the Kremlin & a prior business relationship with Manafort.
Breaking News: Paul Manafort, an ex-Trump aide, discussed internal polling data during the 2016 race with a man tied to Russian intelligence, prosecutors say
This remains today’s big story
NYT reports the polls shared with Kilimnik WERE internal campaign data. Manafort doc wasn't clear on that point.
We have corrected this article to say that Manafort, via Gates, directed Kilimnik to make sure polling data got to Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, not Deripaska. I am deleting my earlier tweet to limit recirculation.
I don’t understand how you can get something like this wrong.
If proven, then call it by whatever c word that you want -- collusion, cooperation, conspiracy -- but this is serous: "Manafort Shared Trump Campaign Data With Russian Associate, Prosecutors Say"
If the President’s campaign chairman was passing internal Trump campaign polling data to a Russian intelligence operative, I don’t know how the President can keep claiming “NO COLLUSION!”
CORRECTION: PAUL MANAFORT asked KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK to pass TRUMP polling to the Ukrainian oligarchs SERHIY LYOVOCHKIN & RINAT AKHMETOV, & not to OLEG DERIPASKA, as originally reported. We have corrected the story & I deleted a tweet repeating the error.
We have entered what did the president know and when did he know it territory
What possible value would a Russian industrial oligarch find in U.S. political campaign polling data? Give me a reason other than, passing it on for the Russian election interference op? Deripaska himself would have more use for Arby's BBQ sauce recipe.
Question “Witch Hunt” chanters: What reason other than collusion would Manafort have shared Trump Campaign data with a Russian Associate?
NEW: Both Paul Manafort & Rick Gates sent polling data to Russian operative Konstantin Kilimnik in the Spring of 2016, as Trump clinched the nomination. Manafort then asked Gates to tell Kilimnik to pass the data to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
CONFIRMED: MANAFORT instructed GATES in April/May 2016 to send TRUMP polling data to KILIMNIK to share with Ukrainian oligarchs, as we reported. *We initially reported, then retracted, that DERIPASKA was intended recipient, but MUELLER confirmed that, too.
Will this rather obviously significant correction change any of the claims made about this story yesterday? To pose the question is to answer it:
The campaign chairman of an American presidential candidate giving private polling data to the Russians and secretly discussing the relaxation of sanctions is the definition of collusion.
"Paul Manafort shared Trump campaign polling data with an associate tied to Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign, prosecutors alleged"
Is it just me or is the correction on this piece kinda significant?
Manafort sent some himself, and then asked Gates to send additional polling data to KK, most of it public but some of it internal.
Robert Mueller (singing to the tune of George Gershwin's "Let’s Call the Whole Thing Of"): You say ‘collusion’ and I say ‘conspiracy.’ You say ‘confusion’ and I say ‘perjury.” Collusion, conspiracy, confusion, perjury. Let’s call this presidency off!
Manafort gave Kilimnick private Trump campaign polling data at a time when the GRU was actively undermining a US election; and he told Kilimnick to pass it onto Oleg Deripaska, a now-sanctioned oligarch, who reps the Kremlin.
Aw, shucks. Well at least the new names are also complicated and Slavic, so readers can still draw their preferred sinister inferences
Apparently, you CAN spell "oligarch" without "OLEG." Oh, and you can't spell Deripaska without "DERP."
Hey, Trumpers and Progressives! You’re going to take the line: “Yes yes yes. So, OK: a little bit of collusion. But this was Manafort, whom the President hardly knew. Trump certainly knew nothing about this. Anyway, Hilary deserved to lose.” Right?
Priceless correction at the end of this article: Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Polling Data With Russian Associate
Manafort Shared Trump Campaign Data With Russian Tied to Intelligence Services, Prosecutors Say
Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Campaign Data With Russian Associate - The New York Times
No collusion. Well, there was collusion, it it was The Democrats.
Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Polling Data With Russian Associate
I'm confused. It's reported that Manafort gave Trump polling data to Kilimnik. I'm not sure why this isn't reasonably strong evidence of something like conspiracy. If it isn't because...