What we can learn from the place David Sedaris called "Canada in a thong."
For all that this country gets right, Australia is a bit like the hottest girl in your freshman class, writes . She looks fantastic in her crop top, but suffers from crippling self-doubt.
Had a lovely chat with on this morning, and an even lovelier chat over brunch. Here’s her take on #Australia in today’s . Kinda nails us.
"Australia is a bit like the hottest girl in your freshman class. She looks fantastic in her crop top but suffers from crippling self-doubt." I do love and this made me laugh. Her column on why Australians have more fun
What the world can learn from Australia.
I read ' new column, and then to my surprise I found people hating on it, to the point of making it trend (). Seriously? You can "disagree" with parts of it, but it's so non-offensive that even the word disagree is probably too strong
The alleged shooter was an Australian. Fortunately, the New York Times has an incredibly informative article about Australia that doesn't gloss over the far right at all
Australians Have More Fun: what a thoughtful love note from ⁦⁩ to Australia, reflecting on a summer in Sydney
The New York Times, much mocked after constantly bagging out London, adopts the opposite approach with Sydney: breathless praise. I just wonder where this “Sydney” she mentions is located.
. on her summer in Australia, with thoughts from : "Are we so hopeless that we don’t deserve our own head of state?” I don’t think we are. Becoming a republic would make us prouder and more purposeful.”
Bari Weiss ( Australia expert) appears not to know the meaning of "thong" . Hint: they come in pairs.
It's True: Australians Have More Fun
David Sedaris once called Australia "Canada in a thong." But you don’t get on a flight across the world because you appreciate a $19 minimum wage. You come for the thongs. My latest
My girl pens a thoughtful pean about the Land Down Under. Some things we can learn from Australia 🇳🇿: - Hang out more - Build genuine friendships - Care less about politics - Be friendly to strangers - Have a strong social contract
Australia is one of the few major countries I never had a burning desire to visit, but after reading piece on the country, now I think I want to move there
Australians Have More Fun - probably, but we have our fair share of culture wars
Australians Have More Fun
Have always enjoyed joining the fun in Oz! (just not the long plane ride to get there) Australians Have More Fun via
Opinion | Australians Have More Fun - The New York Times
Australians Have More Fun