New from me at : A human rights award for #AngelaDavis? Sorry, just no
My #AngelaDavis article is back up, much to the dismay of the hammer and sickle brigade no doubt
Great column digging into the history of Angela Davis and her apologies for totalitarian communist regimes.
Great piece by —> Sorry, Angela Davis Is No One’s Human Rights Hero
"Progressives dismayed by the un-honoring of Davis would do well to rethink their position," writes . "Apart from her embrace of convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh Davis has a history that makes her a dubious candidate for a human rights award."
Cathy Young on why Angela Davis does not deserve a human rights award
If you ever wonder why some people's jaws drop when Angela Davis receives civil rights awards or gets top billing at women's marches, just read this incredibly comprehensive piece by
For a progressive hero, Angela Davis has a really long record when it comes to supporting tyrants and dictators, says
This history shouldn't have to be revisited - but sadly it does. Fortunately is old enough to remember! But it was a good reason - among others - not to join 1st Women's March - Sorry, Angela Davis Is No One’s Human Rights Hero via
has some info on the LGBT community and its relationship with communism (and Davis’ support of it).
A good visual to go with my #AngelaDavis piece for Your human rights hero with some noted humanitarians
Angela Davis embraced convicted terrorists, violent political movements, allied herself with a violent cult, & has been a consistent defender of oppressive anti-gay Communist regimes. She is no human rights icon.
A human rights award for totalitarian apologist Angela Davis? You've got to be kidding []
"On her trip to East Germany, Davis visited the Berlin Wall, where 262 people were killed trying to escape from communist paradise" - via
Clearly Angela Davis' support for Israel's enemies is of a piece with her decades of support for totalitarian, terrorist governments
Sorry, Angela Davis Is No One’s Human Rights Hero – The Forward