Coming soon, the great joins and to talk about Judith Rich Harris and her view that parents have no impact over their kids. You can check out an interview with her here
Judith Rich Harris: 1938 - 2018 | A remembrance by me, and reprints of her greatest hits on .
Beautiful tribute edition of to Judith Rich Harris (1938-2018), including obit, her annual Edge Question essays, John Brockman's interview with her, & more. She is a hero and inspiration for all heterodox thinkers.
Judith Rich Harris (1938-2018) is rolling over: Correlations between parenting & children's outcomes proves nothing about function; could be due to shared genes.
Touching remembrances of child psychology expert Judith Rich Harris, who died a few weeks ago. She was famous for showing that peers exert more influence on a child's developing personality than do parents. See especially the piece by Steve Pinker.
"She was a clear-eyed, unsentimental observer of human behavior, an irreverent challenger of alpha males and other blowhards, and the wielder of a Voltairean wit. In The Nurture Assumption, she reproduced the famous poem by Philip Larkin..." [email protected]