Judith Rich Harris: 1938 - 2018 | A remembrance by me, and reprints of her greatest hits on .
Beautiful tribute edition of to Judith Rich Harris (1938-2018), including obit, her annual Edge Question essays, John Brockman's interview with her, & more. She is a hero and inspiration for all heterodox thinkers.
Touching remembrances of child psychology expert Judith Rich Harris, who died a few weeks ago. She was famous for showing that peers exert more influence on a child's developing personality than do parents. See especially the piece by Steve Pinker.
Judith Rich Harris (1938-2018) is rolling over: Correlations between parenting & children's outcomes proves nothing about function; could be due to shared genes.
"She was a clear-eyed, unsentimental observer of human behavior, an irreverent challenger of alpha males and other blowhards, and the wielder of a Voltairean wit. In The Nurture Assumption, she reproduced the famous poem by Philip Larkin..." [email protected]