What is gender identity? Another great piece from MIT philosopher Alex Byrne
Miley Cyrus and David Hume
A quiet suggestion for the cisgender academic: don't write things like this. In the first instance you're just being shitty to transgender people, in the second, this is not a topic where armchair speculation is a useful method.
By : "A productive & virtuous life with love, friendship, and an appreciation of truth and beauty is authenticity enough. And that can be accomplished whether one lives in a social manner characteristic of one’s own sex, the other sex, or neither."
Another thoughtful piece on a complex and volatile issue by . Check it out.
'philosophy is world-wisdom; its problem is the world' Schopenhauer
Only read briefly b/c I'm procrastinating, but this is a good primer on the circularity/incoherence problems w/"gender identity" is it's often presently defined. Luckily gender dysphoria is clearly defined and all you need for most rights arguments.
MIT philosopher makes valiant effort to untangle the rat's nest of "gender identity." Definitely worth a read.
Thoughtful piece from on the murky issue of what "gender identity" is.
What the hell is this guy talking about?
MIT's tackles one of the most important topics of our time: gender identity.
OK so I'm skeptical of certain aspects of gender identity as a concept (NOT OF TRANS *PEOPLE* OR *DYSPHORIA* THE WHOLE POINT IS PEOPLE CONFLATE HERE), as expressed here/elsewhere. But what's a good, accessible philosophical *defense* of gender ID?