The word “transgender” occurs more often than “masculine” in the new guidelines on men and boys. Must-read: “The unending war against masculinity and men” by ⁦⁩ | The Spectator
My column on the American Psycholigical Associations’s anti-masculine manifesto. Why would any man seek help from a counsellor who thinks traits like stoicism, a willingness to take risks and competitiveness are “psychologically harmful”?
The unending war against masculinity and men
Masculinity is too often demeaned by the contemporary left as just an excuse for mindless brutality and violence. On the contrary, masculinity in its truest sense is about respect, self-control and strength to be used when necessary. This by .
This isn't going to end well. I've looked upon the Men's (Rights) Movement with ridicule. It now seems that they will gain traction. Intersectional theory is toxic, masculinity isn't. "The unending war against masculinity and men" -
"The effect of telling men that their desire to protect and provide is ‘sexist’, as well as persuading women they’re better off without us, has been to unleash an epidemic of family breakdown."
One of the "harmful" effects of masculinity is not being able to 'talk about your feelings' for hours. Bullshit. All this does is foster narcissism and weak-mindedness. Stoicism would lead to far better mental health.
In my latest column I discuss the American Psycholigical Associations’s latest guidance document, an anti-masculine manifesto which describes qualities like stoicism and competitiveness as “psychologically harmful”.
The unending war against masculinity and men — me on the ’s new guidelines which describe masculinity as “psychologically harmful”
The unending war against masculinity and men is taking a terrible toll