For anyone who says that the "likability" factor is rarely applied to men, they haven't followed much of the news around Ted Cruz. My latest for features a zinger from Twitter-less Neal Dewing.
I wrote about likability in politicians, its roots and how the narrative that it is gender specific, is not true.
"It’s no wonder Beto O’Rourke sent out video of himself preparing brisket instead of holding press conferences." --> Male and Female Candidates are Judged on Likability — to Everyone’s Detriment by
Also at . don't miss this by on the "likability is a sexist code word" trope
In our era of reality show politics, the metric of "likability" is not going away.
True. However, it seems to me--and maybe I'm wrong--that women candidates have to work overtime to be likable.
Here is on likability.