Tucker Carlson gave a monologue and sparked a giant discussion on the Right about populism and economics. So I asked him about it.
I think a big problem with the "economic and social change undermined marriage and family for the working class" frame is that a main way it did this is by making women less dependent on men.
A phenomenon I'm fascinated by: people who have defined themselves for years through hippie hatred, trying to figure out how to acknowledge reality w/out giving the hippies any credit.
Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in conservative politics
“A country where a shrinking percentage of the population is taking home an ever-expanding proportion of the money is not a recipe for a stable society. It’s not," Fox News host Tucker Carlson told Vox.
"Populism is a smoke alarm; do not ignore it." -- Read more here
This Calsonghazi debate happening on the right is fascinating to me, but I’d like to draw to try a distinction between two different lines of thought on the Tucker/ side of the argument.
With Tucker Carlson launching a broadside against the capitalist ruling class and Ann Coulter tweeting in support of a wealth tax, it’s looking like 2019 might be a tough year for libertarians.
Soooo it's complicated.
If you’re surprised by Carlson’s praise for , don’t be.
Evidently it’s new trope in “conservative politics” that a reactionary who inveighs against racial and ethnic minorities and apologizes for dictatorship might also blame the failures of society on wealthy elites.
1. Fascinating how much convergence seeing from thoughtful observers on Left and Right re: the predicament of working class in America
“He’s just asking questions.”
"I spoke with Carlson by phone this week to discuss his monologue and its economic—and cultural—meaning. He agreed that his monologue was reminiscent of Warren, referencing her 2003 book The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents Are Growing Broke"
so i think i learned that and are socialists now? (from this fascinating interview by )
progressive taxation has more bipartisan support than I would have guessed