I went on the Quillette podcast to talk a/b youth gender dysphoria. I know some people view Quillette as controversial but I dunno what to say -- asked smart questions and the result is a careful, appropriately nuanced discussion I hope you hear.
Oh but before I log off remember to listen to my interview on gender dysphoria on Quillette's podcast That's Quillette dot com, The Site People Like
The latest podcast is now available – interviews about the reaction to his controversial cover story in The Atlantic about transgender teens
for the latest podcast episode, I interviewed in NYC about the interesting reaction to his epic cover story about the best way to treat children who believe they are transgender.
A lot of the childhood gender dysphoria stuff I get REALLY deep into in my most recent two newsletters I cover in a somewhat pithier and less detailed way in this interview I did with Quillette Dot Com, a website, for one of their podcasts
2/ situation like this, in which David doesn't appear to have listened to the interview in question, and doesn't offer any critiques of it. It's here: The general strategy is to throw so many white-hot accusations at anything I write or say about this
16/where you can hear me lay out my views on this stuff, and there will be more. But shouldn't I be exposed to adversarial interviews, too, at some point? Money/mouth/etc. (Fin)
If anyone would like to form their own opinion rather than blindly repeating what their comrades say, it's right here. And even details his beliefs so you can stop speculating about them based on what other people who also don't know them say!