My discussion with Dr. Peter Boghossian, Dr. James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose is now up on Jordan Peterson Videos:
Support for against his firing from PSU are coming in fast & furious. I sent PSU a letter of support weeks ago (Pete is posting letters.) Here defends him Here dialogues with all 3 ( ).
A good interview by with , and with a useful breakdown of the differences btw Marxism, the original post-structuralists, and applied postmodernism. via
Awesome discussion. with & . As Helen says, we need to have conceptual distinctiom btw Marxism & postmodernism. Helen seems to be very acknowledgeable abt the PM canon. Check it out!
In 18:26 says that it is an error to consider that postmodernism & marxism are the same. Marxism is a modern project based on reason. For postmodernism there is no truth. Marxism is a totalitarianism. Postmodernism aims for disintegration.