My discussion with Dr. Peter Boghossian, Dr. James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose is now up on Jordan Peterson Videos:
Support for against his firing from PSU are coming in fast & furious. I sent PSU a letter of support weeks ago (Pete is posting letters.) Here defends him Here dialogues with all 3 ( ).
A good interview by with , and with a useful breakdown of the differences btw Marxism, the original post-structuralists, and applied postmodernism. via
Awesome discussion. with & . As Helen says, we need to have conceptual distinctiom btw Marxism & postmodernism. Helen seems to be very acknowledgeable abt the PM canon. Check it out!
In honor of the 1 year anniversary of the WSJ busting , , and , here is a clip from one of their interviews that makes me laugh until I cry→ (47:43-52:00).
Is it not ironic that you would be interviewed by junk science Lobster Boy Peterson himself on the Hoax papers which you participated in setting up? what form of medieval irony is this? takes a hoaxer to know a hoaxer?
On Peterson's ideas about "neo-Marxism" see in this interview. (Sorry, I don't have a timestamp).
In 18:26 says that it is an error to consider that postmodernism & marxism are the same. Marxism is a modern project based on reason. For postmodernism there is no truth. Marxism is a totalitarianism. Postmodernism aims for disintegration.