. is one of the best interviewers in broadcast journalism. Read his interview with John Bolton following his tour of Israel and Turkey and Erdogan’s snub. Erdogan originally requested the meeting.
The full audio/transcript of Friday’s intv w/ , quoted at close of this story, is here:
Audio/transcript of last hours interview w/
it’s the same argument to limit America’s ability to defend itself. So we’re very interested in maintaining the unfettered right Israel has of, and as the U.N. Charter itself calls it the inherent right of individual and collective self-defense.”
my desk or behind Mike Pompeo, they learn of something and they think well, my goodness, we’ve just learned about this, this must be new or different or conflicting, when in fact it’s just part of an unfolding plan.”
As I say, on a subject of this seriousness, this is something we coordinate very closely with Israel on, but for reasons I’m sure you can understand, we have to keep our cards close to the vest. 6