Jazmine Barnes’ family said she was killed by a racist white male. National media, celebrities & politicians launched a crusade to find the phantom killer. But where were they when 6 other black kids were gunned down in Houston? My latest w/
"Why should the furor over Jazmine Barnes suddenly desist upon the revelation that her suspected killer is not white, but black," write and
"The easiness — and profitability — of manipulating our fears over racist violence has serious consequences for social tensions, particularly in a nation so bitterly divided as America in 2019." My latest in the with the indomitable
"Relatives of a white man misidentified by as a possible suspect were threatened on Facebook: ‘Someone is going to rape, torture, and murder the women and children in your family.’" By and
Demand for white boogey men — or white boogey children for that matter — far surpass the actual supply. Not long after the #JazmineBarnes phantom killer story, we have the hysteria over #CovingtonCatholic, both pushed by the same cabal of malicious actors.