Japan is defying its demographic destiny. Since 2012, working age pop is down 4.7mn, but employment is up 4.4mn. How? by recruiting millions more elderly, female and foreign workers. Big & positive lessons for an aging world. My article:
Elderly workers are great, says one Japanese company owner: Not only do they work the 5 a.m. shift, they show up early. via
Japan's fast-aging population hasn't doomed the country to economic stagnation. It is now enjoying its second-longest economic expansion since World War II. Here's how they did it.
How Aging Japan 🇯🇵 Defied Demographics and Revived Its Economy. It encouraged the elderly and women to work and broke a longstanding taboo against immigration. via
Interesting piece by abt Japan's labor market. What explains decline in labor force participation of men 25-5 and are the causes the same as in other developed economies?