6 years ago MOOCs (massive open online courses) were supposed to be the big disruption; to reboot and completely transform education. But that certainly didn't happen. Why? by in
The dream of democratizing higher ed on the cheap w/ MOOCs (the dream that led to the '12 coup at UVA) is a bust: "MOOC learners don't return, growth in participation concentrated almost entirely in most affluent countries, & completion rates remain low"
To no-ones's surprise, HE remains un-digitally-disrupted: Most MOOC learners never return after 1st year, growth in MOOC participation concentrated in most affluent countries, & MOOC's low completion rates unimproved over 6 years, via
"The vast majority of MOOC learners never return after their first year, the growth in MOOC participation has been concentrated almost entirely in the world's most affluent countries, and...low completion rates...[have] not improved over 6 years."
The MOOC pivot - What happened to the disruptive transformation of education? (ht )
“The End of College” ?? puhleeeese. Y’all need to stop jumping on faddish bandwagons in #HigherEd and start listening to #RealCollege students. #RealCollege
The Old Model of MOOC's is Broken, But a New One Shows Promise: The MOOC pivot #teaching #MOOC #online #learning #college #global
The latest on MOOCs in Science. Unfortunately, seems to be declining enrollment, slow developing country adoption, and poor completion rates, combined with few and declining takers on certificates. Not good for MOOCs.
I guess the MOOC fad is over.
The MOOC pivot - via - #highered #MOOC