re piece on the politics of appealing to pro-nuclear right-ish wing climate folk, I have more California data. Listen up, tweeps!
1) I have a few thoughts on this. Thread to follow...
yeah, this is right
Despite 's habit of body-checking a "vociferous bloc of #nuclear power enthusiasts," he has the analysis of it exactly right here. The end goal that matters is deep decarbonationzation as expeditiously as possible.
"...there’s no reason environmentalists can’t go right on fighting for policies that support renewables... [anyone] can continue to fight for the carbon-free sources they most support or believe in, including nuclear fans, CCS fans, whoever."
"The Green New Deal’s first test: what counts as clean energy?"
My new post: Green New Deal proponents from the environmental left believe that it should target 100 percent renewable energy. Others advocate for the more inclusive goal of "carbon-free energy." For now, the more inclusive goal should win out.
Here’s one fight the Green New Deal should avoid for now The smart political move is leaving the question of what counts as clean energy as open as possible.
Mostly agree that it's good to be technology agnostic when looking for climate solutions, although bioenergy probably deserves more scrutiny here — under certain circumstances, it can be worse for CO2 emissions, which defeats the whole purpose