Today on the podcast, from the joins to share some confessions from a recovering libertarian and what the future of moderation is in these hyper-partisan times.
In walking away from libertarianism, has not rejected the pursuit of freedom and individual liberty. But he doesn’t think that these values are necessarily brought about by a single-minded focus on achieving the least amount of government.
., host of the podcast, chats with Niskanen's to discuss Jerry's rejection libertarianism as an ideology, the growing trend of political #polarization, and the future of moderation in our hyper-partisan times.
ICYMI: Jerry Taylor spent decades of his life as a libertarian. Here, he discusses the reasons that he walked away from the “orthodox creeds” of libertarianism with .
Dear , I loved, loved, loved today's episode of podcast (and got nostalgic when you called it the Daily Standard). May 's rational, moderate tribe increase. Oops. Did I say tribe?