Facebook is building a new meme app for teens called LOL
Why any high schooler would log onto FB dot com to see weeks old memes in an (adult) curated Watch-like tab is beyond me. Also people want to see memes when they're fresh, it's not like a Hey, watch this old meme's greatest hits
But of course > Facebook is secretly building LOL, a cringey teen meme hub
Scandals, parents, & baby pics may have permanently scared teens away. Even if it has good ideas, Facebook's brand haunts it ability to launch new products. Here's my full report on LOL 6/
Wow, 2019 is crazy! Facebook is starting to get into being a place for memes. And Buzzfeed starts getting into serious journalism.
Leaked pics reveal Facebook is building a teen meme video hub called "LOL", and Fb confirms it. Here's my report
"100 high school students who signed non-disclosure agreements with parental consent." Just let kids try stuff without making them sign hush agreements.
Facebook is building a teen meme hub called "LOL"
Facebook is shutting down LOL, the prototype teen meme browser I broke news of last month, according to
One thing I’d add to this good scoop is that Facebook has a whole team devoted to building apps for young Facebook-nevers. So we should expect to see new LOLs periodically forever