One of my favorite pieces ever written by one of my favorite writers, ⁦⁩.
My piece today on a bad (but popular) reading of history
"Against the White Male Theory of History" by CHRISTIAN ALEJANDRO GONZALEZ Unsurprisingly, author of "Against the White Male Theory of History" is himself a white male. White males more likely to have an opinion on a Theory of History than anybody else.
Interested readers should also check out this provocative and related essay by in , criticizing the "White Male Theory of History" as deployed by the left and the right:
The inanity that is the White Male Theory of History. Great piece by Christian Alejandro Gonzalez at . "Whether advanced by the Left or the Right, it is a dangerous oversimplification."
⁩ nicely exposes the flabbiness of ‘white male’ as an analytical frame for world history, whether in its left (white men as bogeymen) or right (white men as civilizer) variants