The brilliant Michelle Alexander shows why her hiring as a NYT columnist was the most important in years: she invokes the philosophy of MLK to urge full-scale action on "one of the great moral challenges of our time": oppression of Palestinians by Israel
"Time to Break the Silence on Palestine" - Michelle Alexander is a global treasure.
The humanity & the dignity of any person or people cannot in any way diminish the humanity & dignity of another person or people. To hold fast to the image of God in every person is to insist that the Palestinian child is as precious as the Jewish child.
We have great respect for Michelle Alexander & her path-breaking civil rights work, but her piece on the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dangerously flawed, ignoring critical facts, history & the shared responsibility of both parties to resolve it.
An important section of the American intelligentsia has now completed the transformation of a real country in the Middle East into a parable for their own country's racial problems
#MichelleAlexander should be ashamed of herself with her dangerously flawed and despicable column bashing #Israel. It's full of distorted facts, false information and disguised #Antisemitism
It took the hiring Michelle Alexander for this essential piece to finally be written. It’s time, past time, to break the silence on the apartheid oppression of Palestine.
Really beautiful brave piece by Michelle Alexander in about the fear and necessity of speaking out on Palestinian rights. And with a great shoutout to too! Yes the times they are changing....
I don’t have fully formed thoughts on this yet, but watching the vicious attacks on Ilhan Omar, I’m reminded that another black woman, Michelle Alexander, spoke out about Israel’s documented political power, and the fear of false charges of anti-semitism
Thank you Michelle Alexander for being absolutely unequivocal in your moral clarity as you are in holding a tremendous amount of complexity and nuance. We are human and therefore all of this. #Palestine #Solidarity #Freedom
King set an example of what is required of us if we are to honor our deepest values in times of crisis, even when silence would better serve our personal interests or the communities and causes we hold most dear
Days before MLK day, the brilliant Michelle Alexander drops this incredible piece on Palestine. So proud to have her on our advisory board.
Michelle Alexander is such a welcome addition to the often intellectually bankrupt opinion page. this alone is a pretty remarkable contribution
Michelle Alexander’s op-ed breaking her silence about Palestine is amazing and powerful. Her book opened my eyes to so many things and is the inspiration for the first chapter of my own book The Battle for Justice in Palestine.
MLK's memory is not a moral cudgel to wield against any cause or country you disapprove of. Michelle Alexander's op-ed is a shameful appropriation. We all have a long way to go to reach the mountaintop. There's no need to take potshots at democratic Israel
Pleasantly surprised to read this in the pages of The New York Times
This is a groundbreaking, #MustRead by Michelle Alexander, beautifully timed for #MLKDay2019. Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
As MLK day approaches, Michelle Alexander brings her characteristic eloquence and moral sensitivity to the question of Palestine. This is internationalist ‘intersectionality’ - or solidarity - in the best sense.
"I go over the excuses and rationalizations that have kept me largely silent on one of the great moral challenges of our time: the crisis in Israel-Palestine," writes Michelle Alexander
The best thing to happen to the New York Times in YEARS has been Michelle Alexander, whose intellectual curiosity and moral imagination are a beautiful, riveting thing to behold
Israel gets more criticism in the UN, Europe, and even the US media, including the Times itself then any other country in the world. What Alexander means by "silence" is, "despite this, most Americans don't agree with me."
It shouldn’t take bravery, but it does: Time to Break the Silence on #Palestine
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
A powerful piece by Michelle Alexander that everyone should read
Kudos to Michelle Alexander for her brilliant op-ed on why it's time to break the silence on Palestine. Reminescent of Martin Luther King speaking out against the Vietnam War in 1967.
"it seems the days when critiques of Zionism and the actions of the State of Israel can be written off as anti-Semitism are coming to an end." Thanks Michelle Alexander #MLKDay #MLKDay2019
Not so long ago it would’ve been virtually unthinkable that one could ever read a piece like this in the NYT
Normie Democrats who just want to beat Trump probably have no idea that the party is about to have a huge internal fight about Israel.
What’s ironic about this anti-Israel column — timed to MLK Day — was that Martin Luther King was a unequivocal defender of Israel (which the author begrudgingly admits in the piece).
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Silence? "Palestine" is the cause that never shuts up. How many stories op-eds does the Times run about Israel/Palestine compared, to say, the millions of Chinese Muslims being terrorized, sent to camps, etc, by their gov't?
As once again in this article by Michelle Alexander.
I find it fascinating that there are people able to publish opeds in the NYT who believe that we need to “break the silence” when it comes to talking about the Arab-Israeli conflict
Not your parents' : NYT columnist Michelle Alexander praises BDS and "decades-long commitment to liberation for all" of unrepentant Stalinist Angela Davis
An urgently important and courageous statement.
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
This is superb. I was a Black Panther. I now support B.D.S.
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine via
Honoring Martin Luther King today, who stood against injustices "beyond our borders". Time to Break the Silence on Palestine via
MLK Day 2019: What it means to listen to one's conscience and not become adjusted to bigotry: 1964 King Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa inspired by
Those who are intimately acquainted with the "human rights crisis" in Israel/Palestine know that more than one of the key players are responsible for the deplorable situation
Obviously not everyone is silent, but too many, too much of the time. Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Michelle Alexander on one important way to respect MLK's legacy.