Pleased to report at least three of my year 13s are spending lockdown time fruitfully and have mastered the cooking of dal. This will be of far more use to them at university than Physics A-level. Instructions for your own students here
My dal game has substantially improved since using ’s recipe as the base. I mean it’s still yet to come anywhere near and dal Alom has cooked, but still, substantially improved.
Bunch of you asked for my dal recipe, so I wrote it down here: It’s #vegan, cheap, quick to make. Good for babies too if you leave out the salt and go easy with the garlic.
Some of you have asked me for my dal (lentil) recipe, so I've written it up here - it's cheap, quick, easy, and delicious. Good for #vegetarians, #vegans , and anyone on a budget.
Pretty sure your local ethnic shop will still have a mountain of split red lentils still in stock:
If you’re fed up of turkey and cheese try this dhal from - it’s delicious and dead easy
Thanks , I made your Dal tonight. I messed up adding too much water but it definitely tasted great!
Last day with my year 13s today. After usual lesson, we’ll be moving to food tech room so that I can teach them something that I know will, in the long term, prove more useful to them than Ohm’s Law
I’ve heard so many people raving about ’s dal recipe that I’m looking forward to giving it a go. Seems like the perfect comfort food for these dark evenings.
just had thumbs up from for this dal recipe by
It's this by the way ()
Dammit. Been trying so hard to be positive on Twitter. Anyway, here's my recipe for dal again Without the salt, it's perfect baby food too.