Why does Farage repeat lies & smears about George Soros? This is a fascinating account by - whose article on Cambridge Analytica set the internet on fire - of how it was constructed for Orban by 2 US political consultants who'd worked for Netanyahu
The other must read story: The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros via
This story is so so good. Months ago, I found myself wondering how George Soros had found himself at the heart of so many conspiracies. Turns out the answer is two American Jews, working to get right-wing populists elected world wide
The Plot Against George Soros Incredible reporting in ⁦⁦
Alternative headline: How two Jewish political consultants unleashed a wave of anti-semitism by demonizing George Soros
Buzzfeed exposes the original concocters of the anti-Soros campaign: The late Arthur Finkelstein and George Birnbaum, aka Netanyahu's closest advisers. He introduced the diabolical duo to Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and the rest is sordid anti-Semitic history.
The demonization of our founder and chair, George Soros, started as a political strategy in Hungary. It's now a defining feature of contemporary global politics and made up largely of virulent lies and wild theories. in
Is there anything you jokers won’t publish? | “Birnbaum and Finkelstein’s ideas spawned a new wave of anti-Semitism”
Where did this dishonest, unhinged, illiberal, and antisemitic global assault on come from? How did it get started, and what gave it traction? Answer--two right wing Republican operatives started it all. Read all about it.
#MUSTREAD: “Two Jewish American political consultants helped create the world’s largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” Finkelstein and Birnbaum facilitated the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe, Israel, and beyond. Outstanding reporting by
The demonization of George Soros, despite being mostly lies, is a defining feature of contemporary global politics and now the world's largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. It began as a Hungarian political strategy devised by two Jewish Americans.
1. If you are feeling confused, despondent, and worried about the media onslaught, please read this article. If you haven't got time to read the whole article, just read the extract below.
Finally. Here is the English version of my research: „The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against #GeorgeSoros
“Anti-Semitism is something eternal, indelible,” said Birnbaum. “Our campaign did not make anyone anti-Semitic who wasn’t before. Maybe we were just drawing a new target, not more. I would do it again.” YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE
More great work from ⁦⁩. Notice this doesn’t happen to Sheldon Adelson or the Kochs and Mercers.
Finkelstein is dead & thus will escape much of this scrutiny. But he shouldn't. In addition to weaponized anti-Semitism, he worked for human traffickers, more. Read this piece, and question why all the people who promote anti-Soros memes do so.
This is perhaps the most important journalistic work on political consultants that I’ve seen in ages. How Netanyahu’s American spin doctors launched anti-Soros campaign, which smacks of anti-Semitic fear-mongering of the early 20th century.
Fascinating story of the Illiberal International: how two right-wing Jewish American political consultants convinced Orban to demonize Soros.
His family fled the Nazis. He ended up working for Hungary's anti-Semitic leader to spread anti-Semitic lies that circulated worldwide about a fellow Jew, George Soros. And the political consultant is proud of his handiwork. by
George Soros and his aides have spent long hours wondering: Where did all this hate, and demonisation, come from? Only a handful of people know the answer.
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros
A reminder that is doing some of the best journalism right now (though it has to be more transparent about what happened with last week's Cohen story). Read here how the right wing has slimed Soros
How a wealthy philanthropist with a fondness for liberal causes – and inspired by the ideals of our patron, Karl Popper – became the subject of a global, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of lies, exploited by populists & demagogues to spread hate & ignorance
The political consultants who demonized drugs for Nixon & Soros for Hungary
This Buzzfeed News story is interesting, but it strangely elides the Glenn Beck role in the Soros myth, which predates this other stuff by years and -- at least in the U.S. -- was far more influential
Wow— basically two Jewish right wing political consultants (who worked for Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Netanyahu & Orban) created the Soros conspiracy theory to win elections using their tried and true method of creating polarization, division and fear
Quite the story from on the origins of the anti-Soros conspiracy theory, which began publicly only in 2013 (!)
How two American Jews sparked our modern era of George Soros blood libel
This is a must read
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros via
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros starring two Jewish – yes, Jewish – political consultants who knew exactly what they were doing in their demonization. An amazing tale.
A very interesting article about the plot to blame George Soros for most problems in the world.
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros
The Jewish Plot Against George Soros
Interesting reporting, but the idea that running political campaigns by demonizing George Soros began in 2008 is absurdly inaccurate. He was a target all over early-‘90s post-communist Europe.
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros via #sociology
This story is way bigger than the Soros angle. You have to know about these two political consultants, Birnbaum and Finkelstein, who changed the course of world history.
Crazy story. The two Jewish men who made George Soros enemy number one of the right.
The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros: How two Jewish American political consultants helped create the world's largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory via
You need to know about George Birnbaum and Arthur Finkelstein. Architects of some deeply evil stuff.
A league of psychopaths that may have destroyed democracy: The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros via