Been noodling on a theory about what motivates the performative misandry of certain male feminists, and I finally wrote it up for . (Go ahead, shit on me; I'm the Cool Guy.)
"When one of these guys says men are trash, he doesn’t mean himself."
This is pure gold by . When I was on dating apps a few months ago, single for the first time in a couple of years, I noticed these guys were newly *everywhere*. I swiped left on one guy who was dressed up as a Handmaid in one photo.
This piece on Cool Guys (basically: performative male feminists) is so good it makes me want to gently weep into a handkerchief hand-knitted by a progressive artisan on etsy.
Great piece (as usual) on performative male allies from
. absolutely NAILS IT, calling out some completely insufferable men, seemingly half of whom treat women like shit in their private lives, in the process.
So, as promised (and fun as it is to dissect the motivations of Certain Male Feminists), this is hopefully the useful takeaway from the Cool Guy piece. They want you to think that being an ally is really difficult. It's not.
“Scratch the surface of the Cool Guy’s self-conscious cheerleading, and there’s often something ugly underneath.”
also, if you have time for a second piece on the same subject, this one's good