New episode is up! and wrestle with Dostoevsky’s wild complex stream of consciousness masterpiece Notes From Underground. Plus, the APA guidelines on men - was the backlash justified?
ICYMI and on Notes From Underground (yes Underground, not THE underground!) and the APA guidelines on boys and men.
“If you are listening, Christina, (and I love you) stop putting my personal shit out in public!” Tamler Sommers
went on ’s podcast and blasted you for your hoity-toityness for going to Tahiti and reading Somerset Maugham. There goes any dream you have of being considered a non-elite kind of man.” David to
“I clearly have a higher opinion of our listeners than you do. You have always had contempt for them. ” Tamler to David
“This is why Trump won. Because you underestimated how many normal people are in the country.” David to Tamler
“You are right. You are more educated than me.” David Pizarro to Tamler Sommers
“This reads to me like the ramblings of an incel.” David Pizarro
“In the guidelines for women and girls does it talk about the tendency to be shrill?” Tamler Sommers
“This is why Trump won because you elites disdain the common person.” Tamler to David