Reuters reports Russia has sent as many as 400 mercenaries from Wagner to Venezuela to defend Maduro. I believe this is known as doubling down on your investment
If the military & security forces are so loyal to Maduro then why did he have to hire mercenaries linked to Putin to provide for his personal security?
Breaking: Reuters: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro CC:
Wagner-linked contractors flown from Russia to Venezuela to protect Maduro
I saw Democratic diplos amplifying the smear that US pols who opposed latest Russia sanctions were siding with Putin against their own country, so I'm keen to hear their thoughts on Dem pols backing Russia's boy here
Wagner were (are?) also involved in Syria on behalf of the Kremlin
Very dishonest for Reuters to portray the deployment of Russian mercenaries to Venezuela as being an act of the Russian government. I have previously reported on CHVK Wagner's many controversial international ties to private clients.
This is a big deal.
Reuters says that Russian contractors "who do secret missions for Russia" have been deployed to Venezuela to protect Maduro, an important Kremlin priority. Any theories on why Putin isn't using his "leverage" over Trump to stop his regime change efforts?
Military contractors who supported Russian operations in Syria and Ukraine are now being flown into Venezuela to provide security for Maduro, Reuters reports