NEW: Apple and Aetna are teaming up on a health app that provides rewards to members for healthy behavior, including a free Apple Watch. There’s also reminders to do things like take meds on time. This app goes a lot further than most wellness programs
Apple and Aetna have a new app that rewards healthy behavior with a subsidized Apple Watch. H/t
What happens when an insurance behemoth and tech giant co-develop a health app to offer a personalized experience? and Apple are about to find out.
Here in Boston kicks off the super-secret (until this AM) announcement of an -$AAPL collaboration (Apple Watch & ‘Attain’ fitness app) #HITsm #digitalhealth #hcldr #HIMSS19
Apple and Aetna are teaming up on a new pesonalized app called 'Attain' to help track and reward healthy behavior. #DigitalHealth #Wearables #QuantifiedHealth #xMed by
This app is different than what I’ve seen before. For starters, the goals, reminders and challenges are unique to the individual. That’s possible through claims data + wearable data (shared with consent)
Those in the health IT crowd might notice that the app leverages claims data (i.e. what has happened, or health history). So far, that’s been a challenge for consumers to access with a few exceptions.