If interested how to build a creative mindset, read blog by Prof Mohit Bhandari. Mo will give on April 9 the 4th CLUE Working Group lecture on Think Bigger, welcome! Register, follow & share the 4th CLUE lecture #clueworkinggroup
Congrats Mohit Bhandari for being awarded as Order of Canada for advocacy on behalf of domestic violence victims. Mohit will be in exactly 3 weeks in the Think Corner (Tiedekulma)! 🇨🇦🇫🇮🇮🇳 Story: Register/share: #clueworkinggroup
THINK BIGGER & SAVE the DATE: April 9, 2019! 🙂 Prof. Mohit Bhandari from McMaster University will give the 4th #clueworkinggroup lecture at the ThinkCorner of the University of Helsinki Free public event. More information at share and register!