RedState senior contributor and contributing editor also resigned from RedState today. They explain why at the
Three of RedState’s writers resigned today. and explained their reasons for leaving here, and boy, oh, boy: It gets to the point.
Today, after almost 4 years at RedState, I submitted my resignation. This is why. Why We Are Quitting RedState via
Resigning from RedState, and write, "A toxic, poisonous conservative media is like a parasite for the conservative movement— and, make no mistake, it will eventually kill it"
Just a sad, sad thing to read. So glad I left to start ⁦⁩.
This is a must-read. I have disagreed at times with and , because conservatives should and do have disagreements. Good for them, however, to stand up for what's right. | Why We Are Quitting RedState via
Just posted this. It is a Must Read --> Why We Are Quitting RedState via
Why We Are Quitting RedState
and resign from RedState: "Unfortunately, the allure of Trumpism has left the once great site a shell of its former self"
Why We Are Quitting RedState - The Bulwark— another hum-dinger
Of course after the book deal was gone so was the edict. If Salem hadn’t snagged up RedState a couple years after I’m pretty sure would’ve launched earlier than it did. We kinda hoped for a brief moment that Salem would be different. Lol, right?
"We publish this with the hope that it serves to push the Republican Party and conservative media back to the ones we respected, admired, and believed in." and on why they left RedState
There really hasn't been enough talk about the role of Salem Media, which controls much of Christian talk radio, in electing and supporting Trump by silencing his critics during and after the campaign.
Tired of this genre.
Kudos to and for standing up to Salem.
Why We Are Quitting RedState: “Unfortunately for RedState, the focus on clicks above all else, the fight over loyalty rather than ideology, and the refusal to accept any legitimate criticism of Trump is a stain on a once proud conservative publication.”
⁦An admirable pulling back of the curtain at one Conservative outlet that’s gone pro-Trump. Something you rarely get to read about in detail. ⁩ ⁦⁩ Thanks ⁦⁩!
The allure of Trumpism has left the once great site a shell of its former self. And JVL read Chris Christie's book so you wouldn't have to!
I always read "conservatives wake up and realize he will destroy conservatism too and try to warn each other about it..." stories. This one via
Worth your time ICYMI --> Why We Are Quitting RedState via
This is very sad. Red State represents something to many of us, if nothing else than an early indicator of the anti-establishment ethos put to constructive use and the democratization of right-wing grassroots input
ICYMI: Powerful piece -->
Sad to see another two excellent conservative writers, and are leaving .