This is such a cool demonstration of “the full process of evolution by natural selection," connecting all the dots from genes to physical traits to environments.
I love that this study essentially came about because of that longstanding tradition of telling your woes to a stranger at a bar.
Rowan Barrett’s neat experiment. Released tagged & DNA-tested mice in mouse-proof experimental plots in Nebraska with different soil colours. After 3 months found natural selection in favour of fur colour matching soil colour! Looked at genes involved.
I especially love that this comes on the back of a conceptually similar experiment which involved placing mice in enclosures with light/dark soils. Lice->pigeon : mouse->paddock
Also, at the end of this piece on a fascinating evolutionary experiment is what is effectively a brief guide to engaging with people who are skeptical of evolution, from a position of respect.
In other news, an experiment demonstrates that evolution is, in fact, real.
By placing wild mice in large outdoor enclosures, an ambitious team of scientists has illustrated the full process of natural selection in a single study, reports.
The knock against evolution used to be that you couldn't see it in action. This was of course false, we just needed to look.
First it was & E. coli, now it's & mice. Amazing experiments that show evolution to be true.
How one large-scale rodent experiment showed evolution in real time. #MiceStudy #Outdoors #Experiment #Evolution #Biology
Fun piece in about an ambitious real-time evolution experiment led by the brilliant evolutionary biologist (and advisory board member) (h/t )
“Utter ignorance was a good thing,” said Barrett, who had, until this point, only ever worked with small fish. “Anyone who had worked with mice would have never attempted this.”
An Unprecedentedly Thorough Evolution Experiment
This incredibly ambitious experiment connects all the dots of the evolutionary process, in a wild population of animals—and it all began with a chat in a bar, reports.
evolution by natural selection: proved... by "mouseketeers"
The Wild Experiment That Showed Evolution in Real Time
The Wild Experiment That Showed Evolution in Real Time via