From a comment on today's blog: "In industry the drug is a pill in a box, in academia the target discovery is already a drug and all the rest is just technicalities" When someone who thinks like that gets sick, they should try swallowing a Cell paper.
A quick note, after the recent House hearing, for Rep. about where drugs come from
When AOC & are on different sides of an issue, whom should you trust? The one who links to the data
We fund NIH because research results are a public good which in economic terms means that they can be shared without diminishing their value. And BTW pharma pays a lot of taxes and supports many salaries so it’s not like there’s no payback to society
Took a crack at that today myself
There is a good reason why the smart people in my feed are sharing this piece by . A reminder that the commercial piece of drug development is huge and devilishly hard.
“Identifying an interesting protein or cellular pathway, which is what academia does very well, is not inventing a drug”. — ⁦
Derek Lowe on drug development.
'Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Where Drugs Come