This is an interesting article. But as I was reading it I found myself thinking "I'll have to check on some more authoritative blog if this is correct." It used to be the NYT *was* the authority, or at least the best you could get. Not any more.
sold a plane that, because its engines are larger/farther forward, was *prone to stall*; it programmed the plane to automatically turn its nose down when this happened; To make more $, it got regulators to declare that new training wasn't needed.
Same #ethiopianairlines plane that crashed today: "questions about whether Boeing played down or overlooked...the potential dangers of keeping pilots uninformed about changes to a critical element of the plane’s software." h/t
Behind the Lion Air crash off Indonesia: The story of a modification to the Boeing 737’s flight control system shows how competitive pressures and technological complexity can affect airliner safety
I can't stop thinking about how we already knew that the auto-pilot system in the 737 Max was flawed & that Boeing had avoided triggering requirement to train pilots on it because it would be easier to sell new planes that way.
seems likely the Oct. crash could have been prevented if pilots knew how to disable MCAS. unclear if same applies to today's crash.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF CUTTING CORNERS: Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark
It was revealed from the last crash of the 737 max in oct that pilots weren't told about a changed software that could result in a crash with faulty sensor data
Detailed and concerning read. One example of how the profit motive can kill people.
An excellent article from after the earlier lion Jet Crash. Pilots should have been told what attempted remedy (that works on regular 737s) won't work on the max