New from me at , more on #BloodHeir and the toxic mess that is #youngadult lit and politicized fandom Bonus point: How my grandmother didn't get published in the Soviet Union
The Young Adult creative writing culture wars are largely about the Left eating its own. Here is the most recent example of a Chinese-American writer who was mobbed for not writing within a critical race framework. Read 's new piece
Why did a Chinese-American writer pull her upcoming fantasy novel? Activists took issue w/a publisher's blurb describing the story as taking place in a world where “oppression is blind to skin color.” This was deemed racist. Read 's new essay
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The "Blood Heir" book debacle is a stark reminder that objectionable tropes can be found in virtually anything to social justice believers. An essay by
Eating its own: Writer sought to write a novel from the perspective of "a foreigner in Trump’s America." Well, the people who mobbed her to cancel her book aren't MAGA folk but other social justice writers who deemed the story racist.
Cogent analysis and fine writing by in regarding the Maoist behavior in young adult fiction mobs.
Good essay on how rigid ideology on the literary left has enforced de facto cultural #censorship among #youngadult writers. A good reminder that #freespeech isn't just 1st Amendment but a value. Don't like it, don't read it.