This piece contains both genetic *and* anthropological factoids about Russia, like how “corruption is in the Russian DNA” and “sharing’s not the Russian way.” Also, who knew, there is a Russian word that means “lying.”
"Corruption is in Russia’s DNA, as it is in Mr. Putin’s."
NYT writer: "Corruption is in Russia’s DNA." It's not that he is necessarily wrong, but it's hilarious it comes from the employer of . Russians are the only modern ethnic group denied the Blank Slate in the West.
A rant: "I’ve lived in Russia," the author writes. "Sharing’s not the Russian way." /1
Uh, the KGB didn't invent lying. Kompromat doesn't mean "compromise" — it means "compromising information." What on earth is going on with this article.
This piece has been dragged a lot, but not enough. Come on, , would you allow an opinion writer to write this way about ANY other country?
fantastically insulting dimestore anthropology in this op-ed. It’s a sentence away from taking out the phrenology calipers to measure the Russo-Asiatic skull 1/2
I had the opportunity to talk wit Franz, this piece’s author, on New Year’s Eve. He has a fascinating story with some unique episodes and insights. His book “Welcome to Putingrad” is well worth reading.
Kompromat doesn’t mean “compromise.” “I made a compromise with my wife and used Amazon points to buy the inflatable hot tub.” “I used my wife’s drunken video singalong to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ as kompromat and, voila, I got a hot tub.”
It is a v interesting article. It basically says, Putin was a great guy while he allowed me to steal money in Russia. When he stopped allowing me to do that, he became a real bad guy.