The study showing handwritten notes are superior to typed notes fails to replicate
ICYMI, there's a new study out about whether laptops harm student learning. [Short thread]
Now that the latest incarnation of the R vs. Stata debate on Twitter has exceeded its half life, it must be time to resurrect the laptop wars. The latest salvo: one of the key "longhand notetaking is better" studies failed to replicate.
Been on my mind lately. // How Much Mightier Is the Pen than the Keyboard for #Note-Taking? A Replication and Extension of Mueller and Oppenheimer (2014)
Study on superiority of taking notes by hand does not replicate. Just an idea, but how about we give students the agency to take notes in the way that they feel works best for them?
πŸ‘‰ Note-taking with pen and paper is *not* found to be significantly more effective than note-taking on a computer in recent replication and meta-analysis. #teaching #higherEd
Great thoughts by on the new replication study of Mueller and Oppenheimer's Pen Mightier Than the Keyboard study (replication: )
Writing vs typing is better for retention ... or maybe not