Excited to release preprint and new software 'Garnett' with and . Train classifiers and apply them across platforms to automatically assign cell type from scRNA-seq!
Very proud to announce "Garnett", a software system for rapidly annotating cells according to type in single-cell RNA-seq. Written by with . Software: and preprint:
Garnett: a tool for scRNAseq cell type annotation | #scRNAseq #cellannotation #classifiers #Garnett | Cole Trapnell & Jay Shendure | Nature Methods
I haven't had a chance to apply it yet, but Garnett by looks like a good fit for this
You can download the latest version of Garnett (now v0.1.7) at the project page: , and I would like to thank the reviewers and our users for improving both the paper and the tool!
Integration with Garnett () for easier, more automated cell type annotation.