2013 Video: Congresswoman blames the United States for the rise of Al-Shabab, compares the US military to Al Queda. Video is 28 minutes long, watch the full original video here HT.
Video from 2013 shows Dem. rep blaming victims of jihadist attacks for their countries’ involvement in “other people’s affairs.” She made the comment just after the Somali terror attack on the Nairobi mall that killed 70 people & injured 200.
I did my homework and watched the entire video. I disagree strongly with 's stance here: she refuses to see a link between Islamic terrorism & Islam & she is overly focused on people not having to be obliged to publicly condemn things. 1/2
clip doesn’t include the bit where Ilhan Omar then talks about America, the Army, etc. This one does 👇 Start at 17:04.
i watched this interview that she's being attacked for right now. i don't think the attacks are fair. she's basically repeating ron paul 2008 talking points basically the media can misrepresent anyone cuz few consumers will double-check