The whites in "Dear White People" are cookie-cutter stereotypes. If the show had been written about one-dimensional, superficial Black characters, cultural critics would have called it out for this flaw, writes
This! From the marvelous ⁩ “Dear White People, Black People—And All People” ⁦
“When Pulitzer Prize winning artist Kendrick Lamar says, “I got power, poison, pain, and joy, inside my DNA,” he is rapping about himself. But he also is rapping about every single one of us.” My latest
A great piece by on the show "Dear White People" and related themes. My take: 1st season was excellent, with complex and varied portraits of black kids in college. 2nd season became woke propaganda.
Dear White People, Black People—And All People |
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Does the Netflix show "Dear White People" actually advance the conversation on race?