"I am perfectly comfortable with what the Rose City crew did, particularly after finding out who is and what he does". The latest letter between & is truly extraordinary! Read it here: #Antifa #AndyNgo
If you're following my correspondence with regarding #Feminist, there is a new letter available for you to read! 😀 .
The final round of my correspondence with .
Letter is honoured to host an exchange between and On Human Cultural Evolution. We're offering subscribers a chance to receive a copy of each of their recent books. To enter the draw subscribe (it's free!) here
Sorry about the delay on Part 2. I've been working on launching a new platform - - with & . It's a place where the conversations that should be taking place in the universities can happen. I’d love it if you would test it out.
"I share with you the desire for an approach to social justice that does not sacrifice integrity of argument at the altar of sanctimony."
I have an account on now! I'm not sure how I'm going to use this platform yet but I'm very interested in trying it out. If you want to engage with me there, here's the profile:
Super excited to share that I’ve joined the team! Dayne, Clyde and Co. have done some amazing work over these last few months, and they’ve got some great stuff cooking. If this is your first time hearing of ... where’ve you been?! Check it out.
Interesting dialogue on between & about the value of evolutionary thinking for the study of human culture. Is evolution the grand unifying framework for studying culture, or just a dead-end, or something in between?
I have an account on now! I'm not sure how I'm going to use this platform yet but I'm very interested in trying it out. If you want to engage with me there, here's the profile:
Some important Qs for multi-level / cultural-group selection approach raised in this exchange: - what *exactly* constitutes a group? - what are the replicators? - what falsifiable predictions does a CGS approach make?
My conversation with on cultural evolution that started on twitter is being continued on a new platform for civil discourse called Letter. .
I'm on this website because I like writing letters even if I'm bad at replying to them. Write me one if you want to.
diversity of thought is useful, after all, some of the great thinkers in history appear to have teetered on the edge of madness.But I view diverse ways of thinking as creativity catalysts that can only render value within a framework of scientific thinking
The lovely wrote me a letter on asking me to recount my earliest significant memory, and about my thoughts on memory and identity generally, so I did so. Her letter, and my response, can be read here
I've received a from on biological anthropology and the naturalistic fallacy - a very complex subject! Looking forward to answering below
Finally kicked off a with on centrism and the IDW, taking 's article as a starting point. Follow along for all our profound thoughts ;P
is a communication technology combining the best parts of written letters with the distributive power of digital media -
"any definition of religion which subsumes both the Girl Guides and the Islamic State is ambiguous at best and misleading at worst." Shots fired in the conversation with my friend and collaborator,
Sick of Twitter's Outrage Engine? Try Letters. New forum for respectful online CONVERSATIONS in the form of old-fashioned "letters" from one person to another, typically on a controversial topic. Shorter than essays/blogs, longer than tweets&threads.
Fascinating. Two big names in evolutionary biology duking it out on the big question — can Darwinism explain cultural evolution? It’s & . The back & forth is happening on the platform.
Finally replied! 🤓❤️ I actually went slightly over the word limit before I realized there was one, and I really like that there is one – it kinda gives me permission to not have to go on forever
New obsession: - a platform that is digitizing the thoughtfulness of snail mail written correspondence with the conversations happening in public. h/t 🙌 and
Check out the conversation between & , which we are hosting at (an enterprise I'm proud to be part of)
If people haven't seen it they might enjoy the latest part of my exchange with Professor Kenneth Houston on postmodernism, the right, and some other neat topics on
"A large group of people with the same views, is still a small world, with a narrow worldview..." to on
Here’s my response to philosopher , “On Choosing Beliefs”. And no, we never met…
I've begun a conversation with about her recent critiques of & how to be a good podcaster. On . It's a great place to have longform, but casual conversations. We are reviving the old art of letterwriting. Check it out
The next part of my correspondence with Professor Kenneth Houston
In Letter #5 I call Mike Isaacson a Nazi and see how he likes it. Just kidding, folks! Feedback appreciated.
If you write me a letter on – ask me some questions, etc – I'll write you back!
Just set myself up on 's site letter​.wiki. Send me a letter if you'd like to have longform(ish) public correspondence about some topic you're interested in!
My second response to on the value of multi-level selection theory for the study of human history.
If people didn't see it here is my conversation with of for the new medium on the subject of post-modernism and politics.
I just sent the mighty another letter on continuing our discussion about identity and memory. She wanted me to tell her how I became who I am. I try to answer this labyrinthine question.
This week on the Dawdler's Philosophy Podcast, we talk about this exchange between and
a libertarian free-speech writer who hates Nazis (), and a leftist antifa grad student (), try to figure out their differences and sames in a respectful way. if only the entirety of the internet was like this.
"Let’s not pretend these subjects are anything but complicated. It’s part of what makes them interesting to talk about." & continue their exchange on radicalization & tribalism
"I started using social media in 2016 as a way to stay informed... I was wholly unprepared for the way in which discourse took place and how quickly one could be consumed by it.." Letter #1 in & 's conversation on
“Would you be open to radically changing direction if you acquired a totally new view of the world? And if not, does that mean your worldview is locked-in or that your lifestyle is worldview-resistant?”
"...beliefs come first and evidence comes second. In other words, beliefs are often not evidence-based, but make us feel better..." to (Letter #4) Mentioned:
seems like all the cool kids are hanging at and -- both mediums I'm excited to see grow!
you need a 'share' button for your conversations! In the meantime, everyone see here for a nice and informative conversation about the Enlightenment with
"our school was descended on by armed military who patrolled the grounds in fully kitted battle uniforms. I also have a vivid memory of seeing my schoolmates father being executed on television..." to on
"Until we kicked things off in this conversation I had not dabbled in a religious debate for years... it seemed patently obvious that science and reason had won..." Letter #9 in & 's conversation on
"...student loans are responsible for slowing the housing market, postponing having children, and a host of other consequences that are vital to our economy. All of which is to say, does anyone have any idea what the real problem here is?"
Hey folks, I hope you'll go check out I think as part of furthering my and mission of fixing our discourse, maybe longer letters will serve us better than tweets for tough topics. Idk. #writingiscool
"We need to get beyond this more gossipy level of engagement and deal in larger ideas..." to Nick Alden on re #Islam and #feminism Mentioned:
I'm on a roll! Another Letter, this time another to on Enlightenment values.
Can I persuade that the two of us had a beer in Dresden last month (even though we didn't)? My first salvo in our debate on "Choosing Belief", for . Part 1: Part 2: #Faith #DoxasticInvoluntarism
Read and subscribe to an important conversation between & (). Watch #Feminist () and read 's excellent piece ( ) for the context. , HT
In reply to , about DM etiquette: if you want to initiate a conversation, it's generally a good practice to propose where the conversation could go. this takes the burden of carrying the conversation off the other person
"I saw in anthropology an opportunity for serious erudition and freedom to explore whatever topics I’d like with few commitments, so I leaped at the opportunity..." to on
I joined () and I'm looking for pen pals 😁 The original invitation is on FB. Here you have screenshots. If any of these topics interest you, let me know 😀 #writing #letters #ashitloadofhobbies
Have you ever talked to another atheist about what religious people believe? Most people agree, that's cool. If you ever walk to talk to me (I'm religious), I'm on recently posted a letter defending authoritarian dogma (of all things!).
Want to have a conversation over ? Feel free to write to me.
Can I persuade that the two of us had a beer in Dresden last month (even though we didn't)? My first salvo in our debate on "Choosing Belief", for . Part 1: Part 2: #Faith #DoxasticInvoluntarism
"when we blame a hurricane or a puppy for wreaking havoc, we understand that these entities aren’t really deserving of blame..." Letter #4 in 's conversation with on #Philosophy
"We have a more than ten year intellectual partnership that I think many people would be envious of. But on Twitter you might think we were enemies." & On Friendship & Centrism
“Alan Jones in particular seems to be doing his best to position Israel as a victim, calling the Rugby Australia ruling ‘Orwellian’. This is nonsense...” & continue their conversation about #IsraelFolau. gets a mention
If you read something from me and think I’m wrong, please feel free to write me on . We'll get to the bottom of it together.
The finale of an 8-letter exchange between and myself about the usefulness of a Darwinian framework to understand historical events.
Excited to discuss (debate?) big tech & free speech on , an exciting new platform for good-faith dialogue. Look forward to seeing where it goes
My new exchange with Pam: "It causes me great emotional pain that anyone, anywhere, would associate me or my family with racial hatred, since my ancestors came to this country to escape racial and religious discrimination."
Next instalment in a dialogue with on centrism (whatever THAT means!) Unfortunately I don't think we're being controversial or inflammatory enough to be interesting yet, sorry :)
I just wrote a letter to sharing my thoughts on journalism, the media, and the importance of journalistic integrity. You can read the letter on here
"What should be media to enable us to harness more information and become more critically minded often becomes a tool to engender greater myopia and partisanship..." 's letter to Prof. Kenneth Houston about #postmodernism
Tour the minds of & as their conversation draws to an end: . Subscribers to their exchange are entered into a draw to receive their most recent books. Massimo & David, thank you for modelling vigorous disagreement in good faith.
I've replied to 's missive to me on . The topic: health, wellbeing, and life choices. My reply features gluttons, gays, fags, and booze. Enjoy!
I've been following a really interesting conversation on centrism, sparked by the article, over at , between & (the ueber-cute)
A new letter from Mike Isaacson explains that Antifa will disappear when the threat is gone. Also, violence is a small part of what Antifa does. I hope you will read it and give it some thought.
I have received a letter from on on the subjecy of female beauty. I will be responding soon. Subscribe for the answer. #FemaleBeauty
After a three-week writing hiatus, my conversation with continues here
On human cultural evolution and how best to study it: yours truly vs , a friendly exchange.
I wrote another letter to the lovely : on identity, memory and authenticity (three slippery concepts). Includes poetry. Check out our conversation here, on . Want to exchange letters with me or find your own virtual penpal? Ask me!
Keiko, are you on I would like to offer you a perspective on a tangentially related situation but Twitter being what it is the whole conversation would be derailed rather quickly.
The final round in my exchange with takes the conversation in the direction of contemporary groups rather than the analysis of history.
I give this, , , and my absolute and full endorsement. It's the answer to many of the problems we all feel around social media. Check it out!
My response to about education & parenting. I only know something about the first one & I know it’s plateaued the last 40 years in terms of teaching kids content. Education should pivot to inoculating kids to the lures of tyranny.
"I’ve had a few dramatic events of my own, such as being attacked by samurai sword-wielding burglars in my home, being dangled over the edge of a bridge by a rapist-murderer, and being mobbed by macaques..." to on
This is extraordinary. Clyde Rathbone and Matt To'omua corresponding on the Israel Folau situation.
Interesting exchange on Letters (I'm more inclined to agree with Wilson than Pigliucci).
Good topic. We could, more generally I think, do with an empirical left. A progressive politics that is less prejudiced against naturalism and empiricism, both as an aid to explanation and to evaluation.
"My tutor told me later that I was awkward & "weird" but since my performance in English was so high and that's what I wanted to study, they took me anyway." on her journey into academia and reconnecting with her homeland.
The latest letters in my conversation with have published. You'll notice that it take me weeks to respond, but that her replies seem to appear instantly!
In reply to , who asked about being prolific I suspect people get caught up in self-flagellation about discipline as a distraction from facing incompetence. "I lack discipline" is easier to deal with psychologically than "my work sucks"
Well, I just could not help expressing my feelings about yesterday's Antifa rally in Portland on the tail end of discussing the value of direct confrontation.
"What is socialism... It’s the idea that humanity can free itself, organize itself, and do greater things as a free species than we ever could when so many of us were enslaved to this or that ruler or oppressive system" to on Letter.
Planning to very intentionally neglect Twitter after this weekend. Will be focused on participating in nuanced and thoughtful conversations at email [email protected] if you’d like to engage in something closer to a real conversation.
Not many other threads, but I had a good convo with on a while back
In Letter #3 in this exchange I try to address your concerns of being called "Nazis" indiscriminately. Let's educate others about what actually constitutes a fascist ideology.
"Twitter is a de facto public square. There is no alternative because the POINT of a social media site is the other people who are members... As such, I believe Twitter should be a completely free speech zone" to on
An unprecedented increase in human flourishing was precipitated by an advancement in our communication technology. is founded on the idea that this can happen again: From 's letter to
An unprecedented increase in human flourishing was precipitated by an advancement in our communication technology. is founded on the idea that this can happen again: From 's letter to
Thanks for responding to my letter. To anyone reading this tweet, I would encourage you to visit which, I feel, is an interesting and innovative platform for exchanging views. Conversations are open, and setting up an account is easy.
"...should we be taking the threat of neo-fascism more seriously than we are? Or does the fear of neo-fascism in our society show signs of a moral panic?" to on
looks fascinating, I'd love to find someone to write with. Could be a great way to work through some ideas/stay in writing shape. DM if you're interested in collaborating!
Here is part three of my long, first letter to Gretchen () about how incorrect interpretation of tragedies hurts victims even further.
So is a really cool platform where you can create and subscribe to civil debates and conversations and I desperately want weird Catholic Twitter to discover it.
Here is the latest installment in my conversation with . Check it out!
and faced nasty press from those nasty Australians like Arthur.🤣 That takes some guts. I probably would have cried at some of the things that were said. Plus, the SPLC intervened to discredit her. (She is IDW btw).
Thank you for your detailed, interesting, and thoughtful reply to my letter. I’ve responded- I hope it’s not too messy as it’s a bit of a stream-of-consciousness!
"I'm not a free speech absolutist, and in fact do not find the 'free speech' framework useful for ensuring productive public speech..." to on
"I suppose we need a study as to whether atheists turn into degenerates or immoral people once they reject religion as true. I cannot provide proof this is not true. So… your skepticism here is legitimate." with
"...even though the author cherry-picked his data, I’m still a bit terrified by this prospect. If the United States moved to a free-tuition system, would we have to restrict who has access to it in order to keep it affordable for the government?"
“...yes, culture is an outgrowth of biology. But that doesn’t mean that culture can be straightforwardly treated as yet another manifestation of human biology. It’s far more complicated than that..." to on
It is my pleasure to begin a conversation with philosopher on , “On Choosing Beliefs” “...Though we’ve never met, I’m going to take this in the spirit of writing a letter to an old friend.” Read & subscribe to the conversation here
Third round of my public correspondence with on the applicability (or not) of multi-level selection theory to ancient history.
New letter: Antifa's accomplishments--an evidence-based assessment of non-violent actions they have accomplished and the question of Domestic Terrorism.
I think I like this platform. :) Thanks to for writing to me. The meta-mathematics and challenges of reaching the private sector with research are great topics.
Human Cultural Evolution: A Letter Exchange | In a recent exchange of letters, hosted on the platform , Massimo Pigliucci and David Sloan Wilson explored the question of whether multi-level selection theory
Freedom of speech and anonymity in the public square
My first reply is up! Check it out here
The world needs ... Finally a place for wholesome discussions that (so far) don't resort to insults as their main argument points.. #thankyou
In which I defend authoritarian dogma to ! Also, my observations on the damage being done to our communication by fear and contempt.
My 8-letter exchange with on cultural and biological evolution.
Here's my two-part 4000 word response to , about atheism and how I lived the atheist rift: &
I'm sad, because twitter didn't notify me that you retweeted this. So I didn't see that you had responded. I've actually been binging on the posts for about a week now. I agree it's a much less "violent" discussion platform. Great job!
"It's great to have passionate opinions on things, but I also wish our society rewarded being more cautious in our beliefs..." -
Here's my two-part 4000 word response to , about atheism and how I lived the atheist rift: &
just had a chat with & who are the cofounders of – I think they're on to something here. Something compelling about this particular format (1k words max, p2p letters, public-facing). Write me! Be an early adopter
"My boarding school was of the stern, old-fashioned kind, like a cross between the army and prison, with a touch of "Lord of the Flies" thrown in" on Authenticity & Belonging
I am talking with on about Stoicism, self-improvement, history, technology, and more. Read our letter exchange here
A reminder that tragedies such as today's tragedy in El Paso are often exploited by the media and disinformation begins to circulate in its wake. It's best we do not participate in this harmful practice.
A new letter to Pam Crouch about recent mass tragedies and how these relate to her personal experience.
Agreed. & I are designing social media alternatives for positive humans that value ideas (Twitter/text types) over aesthetics (Instagram/images types). You might find your tribe there - - .
“On Nothing”, this one’s for me and ’s die-hard fans 🙃
Hi Helen & Max, is a platform purpose built for this kind of exchange. The written format enables participants in a debate to carefully consider and present their best arguments. Message me if you're interested - I'd love to help.
My response to on the problems with multi-level selection theory applied to cultural evolution. Nice conversation so far!
"My goal, on the matters of #science and #religion, is to help people set aside both their fear and their contempt in the furtherance of #truth..." to on
I am very pleased to say that his convo is being watched by non-academics like my friend Nick Tippett and it is interesting to note how he views it--"vanity" is one term I find very intriguing here.
Our new exchange on Antifa and policing. Please do not tag my interlocuter at the this time. I am not going to respond right now until I have fully digested these ideas.
Meaningful conversations are pivotal to progress. I believe it's the only way forward. I have been corresponding with Gretchen from on the unexpected events surrounding #Feminist using 'Letter'. Thank you for connecting us.
. & Reading your letter exchange: Related to you having beer; How do handle the occurances of police convincing perfectly innocent people that they have committed a crime?
finally responded to on This could get interesting...
Dear , You made some excellent points in your last letter. I agree we should take those into consideration. I also think they shouldn't discourage us.....
My 3rd letter to completes the trilogy. This one on why I think it'll be relatively easy to write a Universal Declaration of Human Morals, but much tougher (impossible?) to write a Universal Declaration of Human Values.
This is my 2nd letter to , this one focusing on Superiority and Equality. If you wish to be notified when a new letter comes available, you can click the subscribe button in our conversation.
"This trend of saying that societies 'never had a third sex' is nonsensical....gender categories aside, a separate category for intersex individuals seems more 'natural' than pointing to someone with a penis and ovaries and categorizing them as a woman."
Why cannot simply CHOOSE to believe in talking snakes or flying horses, even if his life depended on it (and neither can anyone else). My response to Peter for (also discussing the work of & ).
So, and I have been discussing postmodernism and Foucault and critical race theory on . Unfortunately, we are both very verbose people who like to qualify everything so it could make you lose the will to live.
Awesome. I'm working on a platform with & that's purpose-built for this. I think you'll dig it
I've also written a letter to my favourite Twitter philosopher today, over on (where we write letters short & long, on every subject, in homage to the art of epistolary communication). Eagerly awaiting his response.
A million questions and some clarifications on NeoFascism for Mike Isaacson . Also, see his preceding letter on Antifa.
In which I propose (in detail) to that geological and biological claims of a 3500 year-old religious text align with commonly held ideas today about the emergence of life on the Earth.
A response to Charles Thomas from me on the topic of Skepticism and Belief.
Very nice job in an attempt to understand this phenomenon. I am engaged in a similar conversation on with Anti-Fascist researcher Mike Isaacson . We're still working things out.
Ding! Round 3 in my scholarly fisticuffs with on human cultural evolution. Become a subscriber and enter a lottery for one of our books! Thanks to for creating this forum for respectful discourse. Highly recommended to others.
I’m delighted to be part of this effort that facilitates difficult, civil conversations. is a remarkable new platform with tremendous potential to transform the way we communicate.
"Can we offer a rough definition of what centrism is? How shall we think of it, if it's not just a simple mean between the activist left and the reactionary right..." to on about #IDW & #Centrism
If it enhances the predictive accuracy or the explanatory quality of your theory add a category, if it doesn't don't. A naturalistic theory with two basic biological sexes, which can also predict and explain noisy outcomes, is fine as it is.
Check out the first exchange between myself and of on the . We're discussing the differences between socialism and social democracy.
I largely agree with you that, while figures like and are right to attack the excesses of left wing scholarship, their arguments about its reach and power are highly overstated. in conversation with Ken Houston
Dear , I'm looking forward to this tango!
"Something I am super interested in is the issue 'Corporate Morality'. I have to be very careful with my words here, but is it even a company's place to have a moral stance on such subjects?" replies to my letter
I totally agree Bo. Twitter is really not a good place for longform or coherent debates. Have you explored . allows for longform exhanges between two interested parties. Twitter threads go off in too many directions and conversations are derailed.
"I began to feel a growing disconnect between the things that gave me a sense of fulfillment and the things I had been structuring my life around, so I had to get out" and Elliott Hungerford continue their conversation on education.
Wise words from . Letter has been designed and built around this idea:
Human Cultural Evolution — An Exchange of Letters between David Sloan Wilson & Massimo Pigliucci is a worthy skeptic, but I'm really enjoying the answers from !
New letter in response to . Is a child's freedom something only the privileged can afford?
My buddy Charles Thomas came across a little problem posting to his account, so I have posted his reply to me under my own account. You can see our little debate here. #Skepticism
My buddy Charles Thomas came across a little problem posting to his account, so I have posted his reply to me under my own account. You can see our little debate here. #Skepticism
"I have a contrarian brain which keeps me 'level-headed' to an extent... but my shit is so far from together it's almost comical..." to on
"I could see myself getting fairly easily behind a UBI deal that was 1) affordable... and 2) limited the political rights of those who collected it, specifically by denying them the right to vote..." Michael Schultheiss & in conversation
"You’re all excited to fuse “what is” questions with “what to do” questions but you’re about to be sorry to be having that conversation with me..." DESTROYS on Ok not really, but this conversation is fantastic.
If you want a serious discussion or engagement with me please don’t drag me into a Twitter argument as they are tedious. I’d much prefer you write me a message through my account on the wonderful Letter platform. Or, for less polite exchanges... (1/2)
"I will devote the rest of my final letter reporting my experience." Read the final letters from & 's exchange - and subscribe to enter the draw to receive their latest books here
A friendly conversation concerning skepticism you might find interesting.
"talking to people with whom we differ is an opportunity to take stock of where we ourselves are potentially biased." The latest addition to a fascinating conversation between and Michael Schultheiss on political polarization
While building together & I have been trying to square our differences regarding Religion. Mike's latest letter in our exchange can be viewed here.
Correct. Twitter is not to be taken seriously, and the public-facing platform is not designed for having productive conversations. Have those privately or on .
well done and Rathbone! Two intelligent blokes having a well balanced discussion.
"...I'm more aware of what’s happening, the kinaesthetic feeling of dominant and vulnerable positions, who’s in danger, how he or she might get out of danger, and so on...." Tom & Ben Emerson discuss #MMA, #BJJ, #ethics, and #philosophy on
Very interesting idea: open letter exchanges.
Wise words from We believe that conversation is how good ideas spread and take affect in the world. Our mission is to advance the quality and impact of conversation -
If you're sick of the glib Twitter lazy sarcasm, then send me a letter here and I'll do what I can with it
"One of the criticisms was about the fact that you apparently have a penis? If you might address the controversy surrounding this..." to on
"I also agree with your desire for equal opportunity for women and men to engage in sport and perform on the world stage. I don't agree, however, with the use of the term equity in this context..." to on
Letter is a great new platform for long form discussion of everything from politics and philosophy to sci fi and love, and I welcome any correspondence from anyone! Just search my name on and write me (send me love letters if you wish).
For those that have found my thoughts on "IDW Protocol" interesting, has been kind enough to help me flesh them out on (h/t ). I'm really enjoying where this convo is going. Let me know what you think!
For those that have found my thoughts on "IDW Protocol" interesting, has been kind enough to help me flesh them out on (h/t ). I'm really enjoying where this convo is going. Let me know what you think!
Thank you Mike for your response. It is tough to hear but I suspected this was the reality. After I give it some thought, I will ask some more practical questions about how we can help to educate the public more.
I am writing for a new medium called involving exchanges on different topics. People might like my letters with of on post-modernism and politics. Thanks and . might enjoy.
This was a big issue in the debate between Roxane Gay and Christina Sommers if you have had a chance to listen to the documentary Feminism by . Here is my conversation with him.
Oh damn, just discovered — super cool; a space for long form letters and conversation 🤓 (h/t)
I have joined . Here's my bio. Want to read some thoughtful, longform conversations and join in on some too? You should join too!
You do realize he invited her to a civil, polite, longform conversation of Why are you cutting it off? Twisting the story a bit?
This is worth reading if you want to understand the Antifa view on this. It's a bit scary they seem to think it was justified and was a good way to prevent from filming future events.
"The morning we found out about the bombings, I was extremely shocked to learn that it was someone I knew..." to about the #AustinBombing, #tragedy and #MediaMisinformation
"some of our readers interpreted your letter as a sort of call to political violence. I absolutely think that’s an overreaction to what we are discussing here..." to about #antifaportland #Fascism on
Mike Isaacson has responded to my questions regarding the Andy Ngo incident. I always take some time to think through my response and I hope you will too. For context, we started this convo before the Portland incident.
Thanks for engaging with me on this. I don't think I can really dig into my position any better in 280 characters. I'm on in case you want to dig in further. Thanks again! Nick
"Now I understand that your political views/affiliations have shifted somewhat since then (as mine have as well). So I would like to begin this conversation with a broad question of how those shifts came to be." ht
Another potential way to collaborate / discuss in longer form: I'm on (thanks to for bringing this platform to my awareness).
Another potential way to collaborate / discuss in longer form: I'm on (thanks to for bringing this platform to my awareness).
This kind of clarity seeking good faith engagement is all too rare. Kudos to & .
into the idea of this
Thanks for adding some expert advice to the conversation, Patrick! I'm looking forward to delving into this with you in more detail on Letter. I've been run off my feet with work for the last few weeks, so I apologise in advance for a tardy response.
Okay here goes - .... I may be incomprehensible, but then I often am :P
"...now, it is possible that all that I have just told you is false, a confabulation that my mind invented as part of some scheme to provide itself with a compelling origin story...” to on
Shots fired in the latest letter exchange between and ! Subscribe to the conversation to be notified of new letters and be entered into the draw to win Massimo and David's latest books.
Hello, ! I’m currently trying to undo some of the harm your publication has caused to my community. Babylon Bee has given me nothing but a few side splits. ☮️
i love how all the entries start with the same wtf-are-we-doing-here-but-this-seems-intriguing tone
I bet you'll get some leads from if it takes off. Hopefully some good opposing viewpoints will emerge.
promoting this conversation with a giveaway of David and Massimo's latest books; to enter the draw subscribe to this conversation or follow and on
"For a parent to teach their child how to keep the world running they would need to explicitly know how to keep it running, which no one actually does" Letter #7 to on
Can we define our tribe as those who manage to be charming, charitable, or interesting as they go about being quite definitely and utterly wrong? My reply to on
Check out our About and FAQ pages, and let me know if you have any questions.
Check out our About and FAQ pages, and let me know if you have any questions.
Hey folks! Desh's response is now available on . I'm headed there to read it now! Desh organized the Australian debates between Prof. Roxane Gay and "white supremacist" Christina Sommers. (You have to read it to understand it).
from my letter to : "Terrorism may be ANY action directed against the state or towards changing its structure."
Between his writing: His love for his dog Teddy. And his D&D mastery... Who wouldn't look up to ?
Read ’s latest response in this ongoing conversation with . A few thoughts after spending some time immersed in ancient Greek history. I’m an interested amateur outsider, not a biologist or historian, so take these with a grain...
I hit the jackpot with 2 Letter conversations in one day.
Are you on there yet Pamela? Here's a new one you might like.
& I recommend listening from 1:31:35 addresses the crux of your debate on Letter
“...yes, culture is an outgrowth of biology. But that doesn’t mean that culture can be straightforwardly treated as yet another manifestation of human biology. It’s far more complicated than that..." 's response to
"To my eye, this is the most important looming catastrophe facing our political system, and I hold both parties responsible as well as the American people as a whole. We have created this monster..." H/T to for starting this 07 FEB '19!
Amazing!! Well, is a platform I've helped build, for the purpose of thoughtful conversation and productive debate. If you're ever feel inclined to explore an idea with someone, please consider using Letter to do so :) 1/
Me too. I have two letters I am waiting on responses for right now. I think they will be juicy!
PS Check out . Maybe we could get some ideas from their topics.
PS Check out . Maybe we could get some ideas from their topics.
It's not obvious what "waking up" means without a measure of persuasion. I wonder, if there's a specific question we can frame this around, would you like to try out I've not used it before but it allows a longer form exchange of views.
"You have perhaps the most impressive (insane) work ethic of anyone I know, and an amazing ability to accomplish hard things. I have little doubt that, if you make your health a priority, you'll achieve whatever it is you want."
Wenn Du Interesse an einem Austausch zu diesen "Problemen" hast, könnten wir ein ansetzen. Unsere Positionen sind jedenfalls uneinig genug, um es interessant zu machen.
i recommend starting from the beginning, but i talk about that here
If you feel like having this discussion at more length, check out . You might enjoy it.
"it seemed patently obvious that science and reason had won... then you came along with the opus of to challenge my views..." and in conversation on
Made an account and you're the first person I'm following :D thanks again for the recommendation ^^
Potentially interesting correspondence. For more dialogue in civil closed letter format, visit . Twitter is a complete shit-show now, so this looks like the forum we need.
I actually recently wrote about how I've changed my mind on this dilemma. I think an implication though is that once you start to bar questions off, they immediately gain a desirable status among people who are more likely to use them for bad things.
My new piece for corresponding with Professor Kenneth Houston on the subject of right wing populism. If you haven't checked out his neat article for do son.
Is social media actually worse than mass media? Remember how much we hated that in ‘90s? Also free will is impossible but agency isn’t. My letter to on ☄️
Are what what we say or are we what we do? Are we what we eat or are we eat we do? Ignore that last bit. My latest letter with on
Clashes in value systems have occurred in religious framework by default only. Remove religion and those clashes of value systems will still happen. Remove the sacred texts and we'll balloon from a handful of intractable value systems to thousands.
"I will say that my perspective has been conditioned by my experiences as a conservative right-winger trying to date in what is usually a very blue state, Oregon. I have also lost friends who were not thrilled by my right-wing views" - Michael Schultheiss
I hope that by the end of my life, people will be able to look at my work and say, "Wow, that guy... he really made a gargantuan effort to challenge people to be kinder to each other, to learn more about each other, to see themselves in each other."
You both seem to have valid interpretations and I wish you would continue, maybe on Twitter doesn't always allow for a good convo. It sounds like a topic I would like to know more about-strategies for bridging the gap are needed more than ever.
The next part of my correspondence with Professor Kenneth Houston for is up
Here is my answer to self-described "dumb farmer" Nick Tippett . This is a truly interesting attempt to achieve common ground on IQ. I'm hoping I got close.
And here she is on with who I also got to "meet" (virtually) and she is in South Africa.
Here in Letter #3 I attempt to define what we mean by fascist ideologies as they manifest themselves in today's society. (Hint: No, every conservative or Trump supporter is not a fascist)
My new letter to Nick Tippett where we discuss Intelligence Research and IQ and other Moral Dilemmas, both Religious and Non-Religious, and how to find Common Ground.
If anyone feels strongly & has good reasons why the N-word is taboo in ALL contexts (not just as an insult), language use fascinates me & I'd love a longer exchange about this on . Write to me & I'll answer! I won't use the word, don't worry.
My first letter exchange with David Osorio in which we will talk about controversial Social Justice influences on Secularism, Humanism, Atheism and more.
A new letter for Mike Isaacson . Is there any evidence Antifa is making progress? What about Domestic Terrorism?
My first letter to Pam Crouch on the tragedy of the Austin bombing and how it inadvertenly touched her life.
"Change will affect us whether we like it or not, and new companies will be formed which create new technologies and overtake those that used to dominate." James Gallagher in conversation with Matthew Kochakian.
"It follows, in my view, that a life of pure suffering would not be worth living, that the death penalty, euthanasia, or even suicide, are not necessarily immoral..." My letter to about #morality, #ethics, and #choices
Mike Isaacson and I exchanged letters again and it's queued up here. I am not getting an Antifa mask just yet, but you might be interested to read this!
The newest letter in our conversation about NeoFascism, Antifa, and My Ideas about Civil Discourse
I've finally responded to you as well, apologies for my tardiness
An interesting insight into how some within Antifa feel about this attack. They actually think it’s justified.
Hey all--I've had the privilege of exchanging long form ideas with on this fantastic new platform, Letter. Would love to see what y'all think about this exchange on the IDW.
I wrote to about anonymity & why someone might prefer to write under a pseudonym even when her real identity is an open secret. With poetry (not mine this time). 🖋️📖✉️
prepare to be interested ;)
Lee, Mike Isaacson , an Antifascism Scholar, and I are in the process of discussing this here. So far, I think we have figured out it may be part panic and part a true rise in hate.
Here's my second conversation
I have started a conversation with on . He asked me what I took to be a personal question—so I answered it in the most personal & frank way I could! This is the root of my interest in mixed race identities. Read about it here
Also, I think you should give Christina Hoff Sommers a bit more space considering the way your brutish country treated her upon arrival (Just Kidding All of Australia!!)
Anywho, I’m happy to discuss this further but I need to get to bed and get a good nights sleep. Maybe we should do a about it.
Over on , & I have been discussing Enlightenment values. The Enlightenment was my specialist area as an academic & it's one of the topics I feel most passionate about & which, I believe, remains most relevant.
I advocate for the benefits of 's freedom dividend on ! #BasicIncome #UBI
A conversation about the struggle to be less fat.
A new website, , promotes thoughtful & good faith conversations from a variety of perspectives. This could be very useful in reducing political polarization! Let me know what you think of my conservation on there!
I've got mail! Thank you Nick Tippett. And I know farmers aren't dumb, by the way! I have farmers still in my family!
to your question about whether Socrates had it right in saying the unexamined life is not worth living, I would say I'm not sure he did. But we could modify his claim to say that the unexamined life almost certainly causes significant unnecessary suffering
"In essence, we are frightened primates with smart phones and nukes. Humans are very good at carving ourselves up into ‘tribes’, which can be readily pitted against one another." & Ken Houston On Right Wing Populism & Postmodernity
"It is set to become a watershed moment in Australia sport, one that brings together all the messiness of culture, religion, and law." I've begun a conversation with regarding the Israel Folau situation, readers can subscribe here
"I find myself increasingly optimistic about the potential for humanity to seize the problems that face us by the scruff of the neck and win. We are being held back by a minority with out-dated ideas, but most people are smarter than that."
My friend sent me the sweetest reply to my missive on . <3
you might want to check out , which provides a forum for longform conversation (it’s free & you can repost here). . DM if you want help setting up a convo.
"I share with you the desire for an approach to social justice that does not sacrifice integrity of argument at the altar of sanctimony." in conversation with
Mike Isaacson and I have tried to work out a definition of fascism both historically and as it's defined today in letters 3 and 4. We still have more issues to discuss!
"I’m incredibly hopeful for what you’ve created. And I’m incredibly scared of the traps that lay ahead. If you’re willing, I’m here as a sounding board, a good-faith skeptic, and a friend." ht
"There’s times I feel like I didn’t come up with a single unique thought for the first 18 years of my life, or up until I left home for New Zealand on my own." , thanks for starting a conversation about a subject that deserves more attention.
"I still wonder about the extent to which these events have shaped me. I know I despise authority and remain ever suspicious of those who seek it. And I appreciate the fragility of human freedom."
"And, more philosophically, you seem to be of the opinion that living long and healthily is a good thing in itself. Perhaps owing to my own experience (and youth, the only thing holding my body together I sometimes think) I have a slightly different view."
I've spent the day researching group selection & evo psych because I have promised to write an article about this very high calibre conversation on
We're currently building a feature that will help answer this question. In the meantime, you a scroll through my 'following' list and you might recognise a few faces :)
Just a reminder that post-tragedy, lots of misinformation flies about. Pam and I will be discussing this more. Some of the "facts" and "speculation" I've seen today are pretty terrible.
Here is my response to Mike Isaacson . I hope I don't get cancelled! Thanks to everyone following our conversation on and sharing their thoughts.
I've written to on & am eagerly anticipating his reply. On fresh starts.
"We evolved an instinct for violence so we could hunt and eat what we’d hunted, avoid being eaten by predators, defend ourselves against other humans who want to eat what we want to eat, and so on. Those who did not have an instinct for violence died."
"This recent trend of saying that traditional and historic societies “never had a third sex” is nonsensical to me." A fascinating & searching opening letter from to
"What was it like for you to come out from our fundamentalist upbringing?"
The latest effort from to on Free Will & Social Media. . Bravo gentlemen.
I finally found the time to sit down and read the letter wrote to me. Thank you, Elle. You made some excellent points, and gave me a lot to think about.
"We always hear, “knowledge is power,” yet the more I think about it, the more I wonder if knowledge actually is dangerous." H/T &
I am having a lot of fun on . Here are my contributions so far. If you are on there, let me know. I might want to visit with you too!
"I think this is one of the best things we can do for our children to ensure they are operating with purpose"
"I think of movement practice as encompassing any activity whose primary object of attention is the body. And I consider its purpose to be enhancing one’s experience of embodiment."
And here is part 2 of the letter. I hope we can de-escalate some of the fear around Antifa and then focus on how we can do our part to think about the rise of hate groups. There are peaceful methods as well described here.
If you prefer text, check out my convo with on
tag me in when it happens. I'm eager to read it. :) Here's an example conversation. Don't feel you must write a polished essay each time. It can be informal.
TN = Tamil Nadu. The full letter is here
Cathy, try looking at our last three letters. I do challenge him and he responds with further explanation. Don't give up on us just yet! Here's my challenge
For everyone who has been asking why I dislike Dave Rubin's approach to podcasting, I have written an open letter to on .
This is one of the points I have been trying to make about Antifa. Not all of these incidents are Antifa. They are very often mischaracterized. I observe this fear-mongering in the queued letter.
Antifa and policing with be discussed in this letter and Mike's response will be next on the menu.
I launched a conversation with . It's fun to mutually interview each other on . Want to find out more? Check us out or ask me.
"While I doubt these are vastly different from raising boys in terms of outcomes, I would imagine that the journey to get there would be different." reaches into the head of on parenting young girls.
Perfect! Guys, sign up with Letter () & then you can begin a conversation on circumcision. Maybe it could start with a letter from Brian to Josh? I think it's pretty intuitive to use, but let me know if you encounter difficulties. And please share it here &
I think it would be a better way to explore the issue more thoroughly than nested tweet threads (& you could then share the conversation here and elsewhere). You can sign up here
Human Cultural Evolution | Massimo Pigliucci & David Sloan Wilson
Unless you are really rude or abusive—which I doubt anyone will be—I promise to answer all correspondence addressed to me there. You can find me here: . Let's create deeper relationships & talk to each other in more depth.
Human Cultural Evolution | David Sloan Wilson & Massimo Pigliucci
Again, I would love to see this rivalry fleshed out in good faith on . I think something positive could come of it. Are you game ?
Hey, , you've got mail! I am really enjoying these longer form conversations on . Want to find out more? Want me to facilitate a conversation? Want to write to me? Get in touch.
Unless you are really rude or abusive—which I doubt anyone will be—I promise to answer all correspondence addressed to me there. You can find me here: . Let's create deeper relationships & talk to each other in more depth.
You can find our original letter exchange in written form here
Here is a direct link to Mike's most recent letter on Antifa accomplishments and the questions of a domestic terror designation.
And I also talked about this with the lovely on the (a site which fosters old-fashioned, thoughtful, long-form correspondence—ask me if you're interested in signing up; it's a lovely project)
My pleasure! Once you sign up, I can write to you. Then you can reply whenever you're ready.
We push the idea that we should be able to discuss/use words. But... I am feeling rather pissy about some accusations that speaking to a member of Antifa makes me a collaborator or apologist. It's contrary to those pushing free speech and civil discourse.
I began exploring this question in a tweet thread (see below), then started discussing it in DMs with and decided to take it to . It's a nice way to conduct a conversation.
Check out the original exchange on here & subscribe to the conversation to enter a prize draw for the two scholars' books.
A letter! Chloé, you should check out . I don't know if we could persuade Ta Nehisi-Coates to go on there and reply but that is the perfect forum for putting your thoughts in the form of a letter. . Please ask me if you want more details.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who values BOTH your work and would love to hear your conversation. Here's an example of how works:
Hi Eric, I'm a big fan of your work, and it would absolutely make my day to have your brain on - let me know what I can do to make this happen :)
I'm sure I'm not the only one who values BOTH your work and would love to hear your conversation. Here's an example of how works:
Here is the latest response from my conversation with Mike Isaacson if any of your followers would care to contemplate. These are the questions I posed to Mike, fyi.
This is a topic I've been discussing with , over on .
"I worry about deleting my past in case there's still something to learn from it. But maybe I'm just keeping a broken fan in my garage." - Josh Eby to Eli Eby
Want to write to me? Send me in a letter, posing a question or jotting down some initial thoughts on a topic you'd like to discuss, or challenging me on something we disagree on and I'll write back.
A letter to my Twitter buddy Brosef on White Privilege, Intersectionality, and Lived Experience.
"I see the teacher as a bridge between what the student is and what the student could become. But the student has to cross the bridge herself" Letter 8 in an absorbing conversation for students & teachers of all kinds
I love this conversation and, like all conversations that could be great in long form, rather than tweets, I'm going to recommend you take it to , if you'd like. Sign up here (or ask me) & do it as a letter exchange. It would be excellent.
This was the part of 's lovely letter to me on growing up Indian in Singapore that stood out most.
Thanks to Nick Alden, I was able to express some thoughts on criticising Islam without being co-opted by anti-Muslim bigots in a letter to him on .
Letter #6 is available. AntiFascist activitists believe the best strategy for dealing with NeoFascists is direct confrontation as reason simply does not work.Thanks Mike Isaacson.